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You had me at Champagne and Desserts!

Think nothing fun ever happens on a Tuesday night?  Think again!  What If I told you that you could top off this day with a night of sparkling bubbly, decadent goodies and fabulous music in a perfect setting?  I promise I'm not teasing you, it's all part of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra's Champagne & Dessert series...tonight featuring a program called "Going for Baroque."  Enjoy the music of Bach, Corelli, Biber, Handel, Vivaldi and others (and the commentary of Maestro Del Gobbo) in the The Columbus Museum's Galleria.  It all starts at 7:30 tonight.  What a way to cap off an otherwise hum-drum Tuesday...Cheers!!

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Categories: Arts, Events, Good Eats!, on Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Festive Fun Fall Frivolity…in Columbus, GA!

I've been waiting patiently for months to use that word "frivolity" because that's a word that be difficult to work into a conversation...unless it's really warranted.  After taking a look at the Event Calendar this afternoon to see what sort of offerings there might be for this first full weekend of Fall, that's the word that came straight to mind and sort of sums it all up!  There aren't many places in this universe that can offer anything from a Top 20 Event in the Southeast--the Cotton Pickin' Fair, to a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre (and you could be the culprit!), a Dulcimer Jam at FDR State Park, the 7th Annual Sci-Fi Con at the Coca-Cola Space Science Center, and even have a Picnic with the Tortoises at Oxbow Meadows!  Time to start making those weekend plans in Columbus, GA!!

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Shine on Harvest Moon!  Let’s Start this Weekend!

Make sure you take a few extra minutes tonight to gaze at the wonder of the Harvest Moon...up in the sky!  What a great way to kick off this weekend and say good-bye to Summer.  And now that I think about it, maybe it's the full moon this week that's made things a little crazy, so some fun and giggles might be just what we need to set the tone for the weekend.  A surefire laugh-fest is happening tomorrow night (Friday, Sept. 20) at the Columbus Civic Center with none other than comic Chris Tucker.  He's been in all sorts of films but I LOVED him in "The Fifth Element!"  His show starts at 8:00...should be a fun night.  This actually has great date potential written all over it.  I'm just sayin'.

Find out more details on this and tons of other events happening this weekend on the Event Calendar.  You'll be glad you did...

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Categories: Arts, Events, on Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer Ends on a Musical Note in Columbus, GA!

Kind of hard to believe it's time to kiss Summer goodbye and get ready to welcome in Autumn...but what a way to end the season!  I just checked the Event Calendar to see what's going on (fun stuff, that is) this week and I can't believe all of the music that's happening.  And it doesn't matter what your musical taste is, looks like there's a little bit of everything to choose from. 

You can take in the Andrew Lloyd-Webber classic, "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at the Springer Opera House, or on the other end of the musical spectrum, you've got the Black Jacket Symphony performing Led Zeppelin's "IV" in it's entirety--note for note--at RiverCenter.  You just can't get any more iconic than this album...Black Dog, Rock N Roll, Misty Mountain Hop and of course, the grand-daddy of all Led Zeppelin tracks...Stairway to Heaven.  Close your eyes and it will be just like you're back in the early 70's listening to the album for the very first time...hip hugger jeans and black lights optional.  And, in a sure sign that Fall is almost here, the Friday Night Concerts are cranking back up in Uptown this Friday night with the "Rock Candy Band" taking the stage beginning at 7:00pm.

Goodbye Summer, it was a blast...but I can't wait for all the cool stuff coming this Fall!

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Categories: Arts, Events, on Monday, September 16, 2013

Friday the 13th Brings Nothing but Fun to Columbus, GA!

So it's Friday the 13th!  Meh. Don't let a little supersitition get in the way of you having some fun today and this weekend.  And not only does it look like it might actually be somewhat cooler this weekend (can you say mid 80's...woo hoo!) but there's a truckload of fun things to get out and do.

If you have kids, here are a couple of "absolutes" you must take in...and even if you don't have kids, you'll enjoy these as well.  First up, the Shrine Circus is in town and it truly doesn't matter how old you are, everyone feels like a kid again when they go to the circus.  And what better excuse to have cotton candy, popcorn and peanuts for lunch.  I'm in.  It's all happening at the Columbus Civic Center with several performances this Saturday and Sunday and the really nice thing about this event is that the net profit goes to support the Columbus-Ft. Benning Shrine Clun and its projects.

Then either before or after the Circus, head over to Oxbow Meadows for one of their Radical Reptile programs this Saturday at 2:00pm.  If it's cold-blooded, scaly and slithers, chances are they'll be talking about it during this hands-on presentation...and yes the hands I'm talking about could be yours!  You know kids are going to be talking about this for days...and they might even learn a thing or two.

There's plenty more to do this weekend.  Take a look at the Event Calendar to get all the details.

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Categories: Events, on Friday, September 13, 2013

Monday Seems to be the Hardest Word.  At least we’re only 4 1/2 days from the next weekend!

With all due respect to Sir Elton John, "Monday" not "Sorry" Seems to be the Hardest Word!  OK, only those of us of "a certain age" will get that, but even if you don't even know who Elton John is, you have to relate to the fact that Monday has reared it's ugly head once again.  The good news...another weekend is on the way and I did a quick glance at the Event Calendar and it looks like it's going to be a jam-packed weekend with plenty of fun stuff to get out and do.  Maybe if you start making some weekend plans now, that will help get you through the day!

"Happy Monday!"

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Categories: Events, on Monday, September 9, 2013

Sometimes it’s Good to have “No Shame!”  At least at the Springer Opera House on Friday nights!

The week is winding down and I don't know about you, but even though it's been a short week, I'm ready for the weekend!  Can't think of a better way to kick it off than by heading to the Springer Opera House Friday night for a dose of their "No Shame Theatre."  And you've got to love their description:  No Censors, No Discrimination, No Shame!  If you've never been before, just know you're in for a hilarious ride because all of the material is either improve, poetry, dance, comedy and more. Anybody can perform, you just have to be one of the first 15 to sign up when the doors open at 10pm and acts must be original, less than 5 minutes and not break any laws. This is for an 18 and older audience, so leave the kids at home and have a real date night for a change.  And you can't beat this...admission to watch is just $5.  Heck, that's even a cheap date!!

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Categories: Arts, Events, on Thursday, September 5, 2013

Smile!  The Weekend’s Almost Here!

This morning while getting ready for work, I heard an interesting statistic in a commercial...for of all things, Listerine!  It said that people smile on an average of 50 times a day.  Maybe it's just me, but I would have thought that number would have been a little higher.  So let me help you out with smile number 51...Hump Day is over and that means the weekend is so very close.  And that means it's time to start making some weekend plans.  Where to start, you ask?  I'd head to the Event Calendar because it's packed full of all sorts of good info about things happening in and around Columbus.  I like the way you can search by date, event type or even venue--makes it really easy to get your weekend fun organized.

There you go...reason # 51 to smile today!

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Categories: Arts, Events, on Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Check the Event Calendar for Fun Things to do in Columbus, GA!

Let's face've been watching the clock since this morning wanting time to speed up so we can get this long, Labor Day weekend holiday started!  I say we get started now because there is a lot of fun to be had in and around Columbus this weekend.  If you're still wondering what's on the fun-menu so you can make some plans, I would absolutely suggest you head to the Event Calendar and take a look at some of the happenings.

I promise you'll find all sorts of stuff...anything from the big Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival at Callaway Gardens, all the cool stuff going on at Florence Marina State Park (that's just south of Columbus and it's a BEAUTIFUL state park!), the Labor Day Weekend Book Sale at the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Sarah Plain and Tall with The Family Theatre, Market Days on Broadway, even ice skating at the Columbus Ice Rink...and that's just scratching the surface--no pun intended.

Hope you have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!


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Categories: Arts, Events, on Friday, August 30, 2013

Extra!  Extra!  Read all About it!  Huge Labor Day Book Sale this Weekend in Columbus, GA!

I may be rushing things here a bit, after all there are a few more weeks of summer left, but I so looking forward to some crisp fall evenings and cold winter nights to curl up on the sofa with a fuzzy blanket and some good books to read.  That kind of takes my mind off the heat we're having today and while we can't do much about that, we can get stocked up on tons of books at the big Labor Day Book Sale going on at the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer building this Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

They'll have a super selection ranging from hardback non-fiction and fiction to cases and cases of paperbacks. If you've got kids, take them with you because they'll have a whole room devoted to children's books and textbooks that are perfect for those who home school. And I may not be a good cook (that's the understatement of the day, but we'll save that for another blog), I at least love to read cookbooks and I understand there'll be a fantastic cookbook selection too.  Sounds like the travel, arts and gardening sections should be loaded with good stuff as well. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Ledger-Enquirer's non-profit Newspaper in Education program and other community programs, so you get sack-loads of good-reads and you're helping out a some great projects.

Now, if we can just it the temperature down below 60 degrees....

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Categories: Events, on Thursday, August 29, 2013

Too Early to Think about Weekend Fun in Columbus, GA?  Never!

Of course it's never to early in the week to start thinking about the weekend...especially when we have a long, holiday weekend headed our way!  Have you made plans yet?  If you're still looking for things to do in Columbus or in the area, don't forget to take a look at the Event Calendar to find out all the details you need.

One thing that's become an absolute tradition around here is the Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival at Callaway Gardens. Believe it or not, this is the 15 annual one coming up!  It'll be going on from Friday (Aug 30) through Monday (Sept 2) with all sorts of cool things going on like the Balloon Glow on Friday night, balloon flights, tethered balloon rides, classic car show, live music, fun beach stuff...even T-shirt tye-dying!

Sounds like a fun way to say goodbye to Summer!

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Categories: Events, Good Eats!, on Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Theatre at it’s Best in Columbus, GA

Here's another sure-bet for a good way to kick off your weekend!  Tonight is opening night for a brand new production with The Family Theatre.  This group is always staging great productions and they always do things you can feel good about taking your whole family to...hence the name, The Family Theatre.  I catch on quick, don't I?  Back to the subject--tonight they open with "Sarah, Plain and Tall," which will run until September 7.  Set in the early 1900s, "Sarah Plain and Tall," brings to life the charming, heartwarming story of a Kansas farmer, Jacob Witting, a widower with two children, Anna and Caleb, who places an ad in the newspapers seeking a wife. He receives a letter from a Sarah Wheaton of Maine who says she will visit the family for a month to see how things work out.  And do things work out?  I'm not telling, you'll have to go see for yourself!  And you can't beat the admission--$12 for adults, $10 for seniors and military, and $8 for students.

That's just one suggestion for weekend fun.  You can find a lot of other good info on the Event Calendar...check it out!


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Categories: Arts, Events, on Friday, August 23, 2013

Rumble by the River in Columbus, GA!

Attention sports fans in Columbus!  Looks like a pretty cool event happening this Saturday and Sumday (Aug 24-25) at the Ice Rink at South Commons Complex.  It's called Rumble by the River and this athletic competition centers around WOD...which I admit I had to Google to find out what that stands for...Workout of the Day!  Maybe checking this out will help us all get inspired to get moving and get active.  They'll have individuals and teams competing so this should be pretty cool to watch.

Don't forget to check out the Event Calendar to find out more fun stuff happeining in Columbus, GA this weekend.

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Categories: Events, on Thursday, August 22, 2013

Come for Whitewater, Stay for the Food, Fun and Attractions

Come for Whitewater, Stay for the Food, Fun and Attractions

Find yourself in the heart of Columbus, Georgia to test drive the longest urban whitewater course in the world! The Chattahoochee River runs directly through Uptown Columbus, the center of all things dining, entertainment and family fun. Here are a few reasons to plan your trip today:

Good, Local Eats in Uptown Columbus
Uptown is home to Columbus’ best locally owned and operated restaurants and local coffee shops. Relax on an outdoor patio, enjoy fine dining right on the Chattahoochee River and enjoy everything Uptown has to offer. City life and the vibrant pulse of the street make Uptown Columbus a popular place for locals, Uptown residents and visitors alike to dine and enjoy the scene.

Bike or Run the RiverWalk

Biking is the best way to get around and experience the vibrancy of Uptown. Ride on Bikes ( is located right downtown on Broadway and offers a huge variety of bicycles and accessories, friendly staff to guide you in the right direction, and with rentals starting at $10 – it is easy and fun!

For avid runners, or those who would like to enjoy a leisurely jog along the RiverWalk, Big Dog Running Co. ( – a full service specialty running store – offers an array of quality running shoes, apparel and accessories.


Coca-Cola Space and Science Center
This state of the art facility houses a Challenger Learning Center, the Omnisphere Theater and the Mead Observatory. Visit the Plaza area for many interactive exhibits and displays. Experience the Space Center for fun for the whole family.

The Civil War Naval Museum
Located on the Chattahoochee Intra-Coastal Waterway, Port Columbus is the only museum in the world dedicated to telling the complete Naval story of the American Civil War. From the ironclads to steam and sailing ships to the first successful submarines, Port Columbus has gone to great extent to raise, recover and preserve the military and technological advances of the American Civil War Navies.


Oxbow Meadows
Oxbow Meadows is an environmental learning center, an animal "museum" filled with reptile and aquatic exhibits, and your go-to place for exciting public programming, events and everyday fun. The best part is, admission to the center is FREE! Add Oxbow Meadows to your itinerary for a complete outdoor learning experience.

National Infantry Museum
The National Infantry Foundation honors Soldiers by supporting the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center, whose mission is to provide education and training to Soldiers, families, and the general public on all facets of the history of the United States Infantry, the origin and development of Fort Benning, and an overview of the U.S. Army. The National Infantry Museum is truly a magnificent facility and a must-see for all visitors.

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Hump Day!  That Means Weekend Fun in Columbus, GA is Almost Here!

"Guess what day it is?"  It's got to be one of the best television commercials know, the one with the camel walking through the office asking everyone if they know what day it is?  I've seen it 100 times and it makes me giggle like a little girl...every...single...time.  Thankfully, we don't need an obnoxious, yet lovable, camel drooling down our backs teasing about the fact that the weekend isn't that far away.  All you have to do is take a peek at the Event Calendar to get in the weekend frame of mind. 

I took a look at it this morning and was so excited to see there is a concert in Uptown on Friday night (Aug 23)!  One of my favorites, the Pine Beetles will be on stage in the 1000 block of Broadway Friday from 7-10pm.  Call your buddies and meet up for dinner then stake out a good spot in the median of Broadway to enjoy the show. 

It's a good thing we have a couple of days to make plans because there are SO many great restaurants in Uptown...there's Downstairs at the Loft for that killer mac & cheese, maybe a big, ol' Patriot sandwich from Country's or some hearth baked pizza from the Cannon Brew Pub.  Any of those sound good to me and you and bet your last dollar that I'll finish off whatever I have with a scoop of the salted caramel gelato from Your Pie.  I. Am. Hooked.

See you Friday night in Uptown Columbus for the concert!

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Categories: Arts, Events, Good Eats!, on Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cool Stuff Happening at Oxbow Meadows this Weekend in Columbus, GA!

There's no better place to get up close and personal with nature than at Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center here in Columbus.  Not only do they have some of the coolest critters on display, but they have a staff that works very hard to come up with really fun things to entertain...and maybe even teach us all a thing or two about the flora, fauna and creepy crawlies that live in this part of the world.  This is a great weekend to head there with your family because they have their Oxbow Reading Club going on Saturday (Aug 17) at 11:00 for the younger members of your clan and then on Sunday (Aug 18), we all get to take part in their "Picnic with the Tortoises" and actually feed these prehistoric buddies some grub!  If you've never seen the two big leathery terrapins up close, you're going to be amazed.  And they actually move a lot faster than I thought!  The other good part about these programs at Oxbow this weekend?  It only costs one dollar to particiapte.  Now that's a good weekend deal!

Don't forget to find out what else is happening around town by taking a look at the Event's a great resource to help make some weekend plans!

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Categories: Events, River Fun, on Friday, August 16, 2013

A Little Bit of Rain…OK, a TON of Rain…Isn’t Going to Stop Our Weekend Fun!

My first question:  Does anyone else think we might need to start building an ark?!  Holy Moley at the rain!  It rained so hard in Midtown Columbus yesterday that someone renamed the creek in Lakebottom Park to Whitewater Weracoba!  But my second question:  Is anyone going to let a little...ok, a lot...of rain spoil our weekend fun?  Nope, I didn't think so.  You might want to take a look at some of the offerings going on this weekend by exploring the Event Calendar.  I took a peek and found several good things going on...even some indoor stuff just in case!

In fact, if you haven't been to the Columbus Museum lately, you need to go see some of the really cool exhibits they've got going on right now.  The "Warhol in Southern Collections" is currently on display and it actually includes over 100 of Andy Warhol's works including the famous "Campbell Soup Cans" and those brightly colored Marilyn Monroe prints.  I also heard some fascinating tidbits about another new exhibit that will be opening this Sunday (Aug. 18) called "Dare to Wear:  Art as Fashion."  Technically fashion, but it's pieces that are sort of at the crossroads of artwork and body adornment.  I mean, some of this stuff looks like it could be plants, a sea creature, and even insect parts.  Lady Gaga would be all over this!!

Weekend, here we come!

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Categories: Arts, Events, on Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School Already?!

Not having kids, I kind of lose track of these things, so it wasn't until last night that I realized school's already starting back!  Wow, what happened to summer?  And it seems like when school is back in session, we look forward to weekends even more.  Maybe it would be nice to give your kids something special to look forward know, to take the sting out of the Back to School Blues.  A quick check of the Event Calendar and you'll find there's quite a bit to choose from, too.

The Columbus Museum has a brand new family program they're kicking off called "Second Saturdays."  You can visit the Art Cart and try your hand at creating your own Andy Warhol-inspired print and even hear a reading from a book written by his nephew.  And did I mention, this is absolutely free?!

Or, for just a buck, your kids can check out the Reading Club at Oxbow Meadows on Saturday morning.  And hey, if feel like they've done enough reading for one week, they might just enjoy seeing baby alligators, Athena the big python, or the bees busy buzzing in the hive making honey.  It's just such a cool place...even for us big kids.

Don't forget you can find out more at the Event Calendar...never too early to start planning some fun for the weekend!

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Categories: Arts, Events, on Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beep Ball?!  Yep, you HEARD Right!

One of the many great things about living in Columbus, GA is that there is always something to do!  All you have to do is take a look at the Event Calendar to get an idea of all the happenings.  But here's one that's a little bit out of the ordinary and we are so lucky to have this event here.

Every year at the end of August, Country’s Barbecue has their Midnight Express weekend and included in the festivities is a Beep Baseball Game played by the Chicago Comets against local sponsors. Well, this weekend, we have the 2013 Beep Baseball World Series right here in Columbus. The teams have been here all week and the excitement will culminate this weekend with the 5th and 6th games begin played Friday (Aug 2) evening and the final game of the series will take place Saturday (Aug 3) morning. 20 teams from across the nation and Taiwan are here competing for the Championship title. And remember, these players are visually impaired athletes that would probably beat any of us in a pick-up game of baseball at the park. They are amazing!  All the action is happening at Golden Park in South Commons and admission is absolutely free.  Take yourself out to the ball game!

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8 Reasons to Love Whitewater Rafting

8 Reasons to Love Whitewater Rafting


Get A Work Out!
What better way to exercise than by having fun doing it. When whitewater rafting, there are certainly moments when you are paddling hard to ensure your raft takes the right path down a section of river, or when you need to avoid some obstacle. Not to mention the entire time you are in the raft you are continually keeping yourself balanced and centered. These are a few of the reasons why at the end of a long day rafting, you are generally physically spent.

Come to think of it, this entire list is made up of things most people don’t get enough of. Adrenaline pumping action certainly not being excluded. The thrill of crashing through waves, being bucked in the air, and going toe to toe against the elements causes your adrenaline to flow and for you to truly feel alive. As we know, motion is life itself, while stagnation is death. So keep moving!




The Family That Plays Together Stays Together!
It’s hard enough in our day and age to find quality time to spend with loved ones… but that’s not really an issue when you’re all packed onto a raft hucking rubber. These moments are also ones not easily forgotten, and nor should they be. You’ll remember these trips, and others like it, for the remainder of your life.




There is much in this life to experience, and there is much in this life you should experience. You only live once and you have to make the most of that limited time. It’s thrilling, enjoyable, memorable, and entirely worth every second spent doing it.

Fun Guides
There are always additional benefits to doing anything enjoyable, and for those taking guided rafting tours, the guides themselves are sometimes it. The men and women that have the intimate knowledge of the surrounding area and the physique of the gods themselves from endlessly and tirelessly rowing many times make these trips better. Not only good-looking and knowledgeable, our guides are crazy fun! This is most certainly an additional benefit.

Learning the history of our area
Many people, rather than having a love for beautiful people, or animals, or plants, or scenes, have a love for knowledge. And when it comes to knowing their surroundings, and all that it encompasses, rafting guides are often experts. They know local legends and tales, they know the behavior of the animals, they know almost everything that is to be known of the area in which they guide. This makes it especially easy to learn a lot about the history of the Chattahoochee that you would otherwise never think of considering.

Rafting is a sport that demands teamwork. The only way to successfully negotiate the rapids is with cooperation, listening, participation and anticipation. Sure there is a captain (guide) just like the manager in your office. The captain steers the boat while the paddlers (the staff) are the motor of the boat. Both serve vital roles within the team. Whitewater rafting allows your group to have some fun while learning about each other and bond together as a cohesive team!




Good Eats and Fresh Beer
After a day of Rafting on the Chattahoochee, stroll through Uptown Columbus and visit one of many local eateries: listen to great music at The Loft while indulging in one of many fabulous menu items, grab a Cheesesteak at PHILLY-osophy, sip on a unique brew from the Cannon Brew Pub, or tantalize your taste buds with a steak at The Black Cow just to name a few.

To book your trip, visit and visit, to find day-trip itineraries plus tips for things to do around town.

Content adapted from

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