If You Need Some Weekend Fun, We’ve Got it in Columbus, GA!

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Seems some of us are still suffering from the post-holiday blues, so the cure for that is to get out and have some fun!  This weekend is full of it...fun, that is...so why not get out and enjoy it.  If you want a good look at the options, head to the Event Calendar, or read on for a sneak-peek at a couple of things planned for family fun.

I took the plunge last September and bought a new (old) house and with that comes all sorts of ideas for improvements and projects!  So I’m really excited about all the ideas I can steal at this weekend’s Home & Garden Show at the Trade Center.  Whether you have an older home, new home, outdated home or just want to get some ideas of things you can do to make your house more of the kind of home you want, they'll have tons of ideas for home improvements, outdoor living and landscapes, interior design and accessories, plants & trees, and new trends in kitchen and bath design.  They’ll even have some before and after designer rooms set up. Designer Brian Santos will be on hand to share all the professional secrets of the trade.

Ever heard of a poetry slam?  Well, if you haven’t, you’re missing out on something pretty cool!  The Liberty Theatre is kicking off a poetry slam series this Saturday at 6:30pm called “The Lab.”  So, a poetry slam is a competitive event where poets perform their work and are judged by members of the audience.  The Lab is going to be a monthly open-mic poetry slam that will feature local poets, musicians and artists.  This is also introduces the first-ever adult poetry slam team competition in the area, so a heads-up, this is for those of us 18 and older!   So if you want to participate and get up on stage and do your thing, you need to come prepared with at least 2 original poems, no longer than 3 minutes in length.  The top 2 from each preliminary round will advance to the April 27th finals, then the top 4-5 will head to regional & national slams!

How many ways can you create a snowflake?!  Head to the North Columbus Library (5689 Armour Rd) this Friday (Jan 18) from 4:00-5:00pm to join in all the hands-on the fun dabbling in science, crafts, and more to explore the frozen world!  Free!!

Sounds like the incredible Columbus Symphony Orchestra is getting ready for a humdinger of a concert this Saturday night at RiverCenter!  This performance is called “Music in a Time of War” and not only will you get to hear unbelievable music performed by one of the best and oldest symphonies in the nation, but you might even learn a few history facts at the same time!  They’ll be doing American composer William Schuman’s “Prayer in a Time of War” and Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 7 called “Leningrad.”  In fact, that symphony is a commemoration of the struggles of the people of Leningrad during the 900-day siege of that city during World War II—kind of a portrait of the suffering caused by war.  But they’ll lighten it up with Schuman’s work because it’s more of a moving prayer for peace in a time of strife.

This sounds like it’s going to be fun!  It’s a whole new take on a classic fairy tale from The Family Theatre…but with a twist!  It’s called “The Trial of the Big, Bad Wolf” and that’s what this family comedy is all about.  Seems the Big, Bad Wolf is standing trial but is he the villain or victim?  What about those Three Pigs: innocent or at fault?  And just what do we know about the Jurors--Miss Muffet, Bo Peep, Cinderella and Humpty-Dumpty--solid citizens or characters with a past? And who is that surprise witness at the end? The answers to these profound questions and even more are revealed once and for all in this fun-filled, action-packed trial-of-the-century. And, as a bonus, a lesson or two is learned along the way.  You’ll even get complimentary desserts at intermission!

More fun theatre especially for kids going on this weekend with a production of a “Diary of a Worm, a Spider, and a Fly” at CSUs Riverside Theatre Complex (6 West 10th St)—Friday (Jan 18) at 7:30pm; Saturday (Jan 19) at 10:00am & 7:30pm; and Sunday (Jan 20) at 2:00pm.  Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids ages 12 & under.

Lots of good choices for things to do...you just have to pick the ones that suit you!

Now, go have some fun...


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