Go All Out to A Different Kind of Dinner and a Movie in Columbus!

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Go All Out to A Different Kind of Dinner and a Movie in Columbus!


As the Summer rolls on, you want to do fun things on the weekends, but don’t always know what to do exactly. How about dinner and a movie, sort of? But, instead of a movie, try out a different take on theater and improv in Columbus with our No Shame Theater on Friday nights! You can watch the performances, or better yet - you can join in yourself!


Here’s how it works. Every Friday night at 10pm at the Springer Opera House, we throw the stage open for all kinds of performances: spoken word, song and dance, monologues, skits, and anything else people can come up. The talent in the Columbus area is rich, so we get a wide assortment of performers. But, there are rules …


1. pieces must be original.

2. pieces must be 5 min or less.

3. pieces must not break ANYTHING - such as the audience, the space, yourself, or the LAW.


Admission is $5 at the door for the audience as well as performers. But, why not be a performer? Why not put your talent on the stage for all to see? Or, you can sit back and enjoy the art put forward by the other brave and talented souls who want to light up the stage on a Friday night.


Oh, and dinner, right? That’s important too. Luckily, just a short walk away are a plethora of restaurants in Uptown with amazing menus, outdoor seating under the sprawling oaks along Broadway, and an invitation to enjoy Southern Summer nights in Columbus. Stay at one of our great hotels nearby and make a weekend of it! You’ll be surprised at how much fun you have!


Now, get to work on preparing your performance for No Shame Theater! We’re waiting! 

Categories: Arts, Events, on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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