Visionary Odyssey Tour

Visionary Odyssey Tour

Phone 706.256.4344

Operation Hours Notes

The tour begins at 9am at the Columbus Visitor Center and lasts until 4pm.


Pasaquan - Suggested donation of $10 per person.

Richland Rum - Tours are free of charge and include a tasting.

Omaha Brewing Company - Tours are free of charge and beer is available for purchase.

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The Visionary Odyssey Tour has so much to offer—art, rum, and brews!

Grab at least 10 of your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors…whoever is ready for an adventure, and meet at VisitColumbusGA for this unique day-trip.

You can get more details or sign up for the tour by contacting Melanie Grace at or 706.256.4344.

Here’s what you’ll experience on the tour:

Pasaquan—Buena Vista, GA (35 minutes south of Columbus)

It’s one of those places that has to be seen to be believed!  Pasaquan is a 7-acre compound that was created by an eccentric folk artist named Eddie Owens Martin, who called himself St. EOM. An internationally renowned art site, it consists of six major structures including a redesigned 1885 farmhouse, painted concrete sculptures, and 4 acres of painted masonry concrete walls.  This is St. EOM’s personal utopia and to him represented the future, where all cultures and ethnic groups can come together in harmony and connect with the earth and the universe.  It’s difficult to do justice describing such a unique facility, but CNN summed it up well when in 2016 they named Pasaquan one of the top “16 intriguing things to see and do in the U.S.”

For more information about Pasaquan, click here.

Richland Rum—Richland, GA (35 minutes south of Columbus)

The Richland Rum Tour gives an educational, first-hand experience of all aspects of the creation of the only Single Estate Rum in America.  This includes fermentation of pure, unrefined sugar cane syrup made from home-grown sugar cane, distillation in copper pot stills, then aged in virgin American white oak barrels for at least three years.

Visitors will be offered to view the fermentation room, distillery and barrel houses. The 30-minute tour concludes with a tasting in the tasting room of the historic Richland Heritage House.  Then, take a little time to browse the retail store and gift shop.

For more information about Richland Rum, click here.

Omaha Brewing Company—Omaha, GA  (30 minutes south of Columbus)

Because craft beer wasn’t prevalent enough in South Georgia, Dr. Robert E. Lee and family had the idea to start a brewing company in Omaha, GA!  Since 2012, it’s been the rule to use the freshest ingredients for a brew that folks will enjoy.  At Omaha Brewing Company, you can spend as much or as little time as you wish in the Tasting Room purchasing beer to sample on site or to take home with you.  Guided tours of the brewing facilities are provided free of charge to anyone who is interested.

Beer is available for purchase and ranges in price depending on the variety of beer and how it’s packaged.

For more information about Omaha Brewing Company, click here.


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