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February 28, 2013

Who Else is in Need of Some Weekend Fun?

Anyone?  Anyone?  Yep, that's what I thought...we all are in need of a little fun this weekend.  How about a couple of ideas of things you might like to check out?  Oh, and don't forget to take a look at the Event Calendar because there's a lot of good info there.

Wednesday afternoon I was walking back to my office from a meeting and when I turned the corner to walk past the Springer Opera House, how excited was I to hear Beatles tunes being blasted from the balcony!?  They are getting us all in the mood for the show that opened last night called “Yesterday and Today:  The Interactive Beatles Experience.”  Now, this isn’t just another bunch of guys who dress up and sort of sound like the Beatles…these guys are being called America’s foremost Beatles virtuosos.  They don’t dress up or look like John, Paul, George (my first love), or Ringo, but they have spent years perfecting the entire Beatles catalogue note for note and producing a harmony that just won’t wait!  And something really cool about this performance, the audience helps create the playlist every night so each show is different!

If you check the calendar, Spring is only 19 days away!  That means of course some serious Spring cleaning and sprucing up around the house.  If you’ve got some ideas of things you’d like to do around your house or need some ideas, head to the 2013 Home and Garden Show at the Trade Center this weekend.  They’ll have tons of local and regional vendors set up with products for the home and lawn and garden all under one big roof. Plus, they’ll have a big selection of plants and flowers and other merchandise you might just have to take home with you.  The cool thing about this show is that they aren’t there just to sell you some product, but they’ll have plenty of seminars and demonstrations to show you just how to complete your projects.  You can even bring the kids to this one because they’ll have lots of activities for them.  You’ll even have a chance to win some door prizes!

I know this is one that guys just won’t get, but ladies are going to love it!  The Columbus Museum is having a really unique shopping experience going on today only called the Accessories Boutique.  See, we ladies know that you can go out and buy a pair of black pants and a white shirt and keep it in your wardrobe forever because the trick is to accessorize!  Finding the perfect piece or pieces of jewelry, a vintage handbag, a wrap, a hat or shoes can completely transform any outfit, so really…you’re saving yourself lots of money not buying new clothes!  Hey, when it comes to shopping, I can come up with any story to rationalize a new handbag!  They'll even have an expert stylist on hand to help you pick out the perfect pieces.  This ties in nicely with the exhibit going on called “Parasols, Purses, and Petticoats” so take some time and check it out while you’re there.  A portion of all proceeds benefit the Museum.

Also put on your radar to head to Oxbow Meadows for their Saturday Reading Club for Kids, the Benning Bazaar at Ft. Benning's Building 4, or Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Mikado" at RiverCenter for one show only Saturday night. 

Now, go have some fun...