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Get the latest on events, ideas and ways to go all out in Columbus, Georgia!

July 26, 2013

It’s the Weekend!  Let’s Play in Columbus, GA!

Don't you just love a weekend?  Especially when the weekend brings all sorts of fun stuff to get out and do.  We've actually had 2 (almost) rain-free days, so let's hope that continues through Saturday and Sunday...we better cross our fingers just in case!  How about a quick look at a couple of things going on that might tickle your fancy?  And if you want to find out more about these and other events, you can always go to the Event Calendar to get all the info you need.

There's no better way to get your weekend going than heading to Uptown Columbus for Market Days on Broadway.  If you've never been before, you are missing a treat.  The east side of Broadway in the 1000 and 1100 blocks is chocked full of vendors with anything from baked goods, handmade jewelry, creative artwork, and the freshest fruits, veggies and fresh flowers.  And they usually even have some live music going on for your shopping pleasure.  If the lady is there with the homemade cinnamon rolls, do yourself a favor and experience one of these...oh. my. goodness. they are good!

Take a few minutes to swing by the Columbus Museum to see their latest exhibit, Warhol in Southern Collections.  It features over 100 Warhol works from 1964-1983 including the famous Campbell’s Soup can series and brightly colored Marilyn Monroe prints. These works are all from museums and private collectors throughout the South. Five life-size resin and acrylic Andy Warhols created by contemporary artist Jack Dowd are installed at the entrance to the gallery. And as always, there's no admission to get into the museum, so go and check it out!

If you have little ones looking for something fun to do, you really ought to take them out to Oxbow Meadows Saturday morning (11:00am) and let them take part in the Reading Club.  For just a $1 donation, your child gets a show with pictures, puppets, or skits plus a new membership card.  After 10 visits to Oxbow’s Reading Club ($1 donation = 1 stamp), your child’s membership card can be redeemed for a gift!  Plus, Oxbow is just such a cool place for all of us to learn more about the animals that call this part of the world home.  Parents, while your kids are enjoying the Reading Club, you can meander through the new bird scantuary that's just been's absolutely beautiful!

And no weekend is complete without a little music.  On Sunday, beginning at 6:00pm, the Columbus Civic Center will play host to "Jazz on the River" so bring your lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy this outdoor concert in the courtyard...and the best part?  It's absolutely free!

Ok, so maybe all that info will get you ready to get out and play this if you haven't been ready for the weekend since Monday.  grin

Now, go have some fun...