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December 10, 2014

I Love a Parade!  Especially the Bi-City Christmas Parade in Columbus, GA!

Think back to when you were a kid and the countdown to Christmas had begun.  You've been dragged to the mall with your Mom for what seemed like endless hours of shopping, picked out the perfect tree with your Dad and tied it to the top of the station wagon, watched your grandmother make cakes, pies and cookies without ever cracking open a cookbook, and you licked the poinsettia stamp and put it on the letter to Santa.  There's just one thing left to make this the perfect lead up to the big day...a Christmas Parade! 

Maybe you're a big kid now and even have kids of your own, but you're never too old to enjoy the wonder of a parade.  There's just something about the shiny floats, the waving beauty queens, the happy tunes of the high school marching bands and that magic moment when you get your first glimpse of the jolly, bearded man in the fuzzy red and white suit at the very end of the chain of floats.  And you just know that from high on his perch, he looked straight at you, waved and then gave you that special, all-knowing nod of the head--yep, he got your letter and he knows exactly what you'll find under the tree Christmas morning. 

The fun begins this Saturday, December 13 at 10:00am with the parade starting in Phenix City, crossing over the 13th Street Bridge, then traveling down Broadway.  And since you'll be in Uptown, you'll be in a perfect spot to grab lunch and do some shopping when the parade is over.  So break out your most festive, bedazzled and tacky sweaters, find the perfect viewing spot along Broadway in Uptown Columbus and get in on this Christmas tradition!


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