Chattahoochee River Rafting – Adventure For Every Generation

Did you know that off the banks of the Chattahoochee River in Columbus, GA, there’s one of the Top 12 Man-Made Adventures in the World?

That adventure is called Whitewater Columbus, GA, and it’s the longest urban whitewater rafting course in the world. It’s been described as “wild as the Colorado River, and warm as Costa Rica!” Intrigued yet?

Walk one block west of Broadway, the street that runs through Uptown Columbus and houses award-winning local restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, and so much more, and you’ll find yourself breath-taken by the Chattahoochee River flowing vivaciously down the Georgia/Alabama state line.

I say vivaciously, because in the afternoon, the dam-controlled release that has been built into the river to make this whitewater adventure possible is sending rapids of water with rafts of families and friends southbound down the current.

All those aboard a raft or kayak earlier in the day when the water was a bit calmer, are standing ashore drying off in the sun and anxiously awaiting another go-round as they watch adventure seekers make their way down.

Overhead, children and parents alike are lined up in gear waiting their turn to zip-line from the Georgia shore across the river to Alabama. And when you’ve conquered the Blue Heron Aerial Course on the Alabama side, get ready to zip back across the Chattahoochee River for your return trip to Georgia!

Whitewater Columbus sits right on the edge of Uptown facing the river and is the hub for everyone to check-in and get whatever supplies or gear you’ll need for your adventure. Beyond rafting the Chattahoochee or zip-lining across it, they offer kayaking, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) and the option to pretend the Chattahoochee is a lazy river for you to just float down. So, Grandpa and the kids can go take the “Classic” route early in the day, while Dad gears up for the late afternoon rapids, better known as the “Challenge.”  And mom can float her way down, while Grandma hangs out on the RiverWalk cheering on the family - now you see why Whitewater Columbus is an adventure your entire family will love!

Regardless of your whitewater thrill level or the number of people in your group, a certified guide (who may or may not be showing off by surfing the rapids) will accompany every group to ensure a great time and safe travels for all.

And if I still haven’t sold you on some of the most exciting whitewater rafting in the U.S. right here in Columbus, GA, then maybe these adventurers will: Reviews on Whitewater or Reviews on the RiverWalk.

After you’ve taken a ride on the Chattahoochee, be prepared to have a growling stomach – all the excitement really takes it out of you! Luckily, one block’s walk and your back in the heart of Uptown for a delicious meal at one of our many restaurants, enjoying the night life and all that Columbus has to offer!

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