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May 24, 2012

Bring on the Summer Fun in Columbus, GA!

It’s finally here…the weekend most of us wait for all year long!  The unofficial start of summer kicks off with this Memorial Day weekend and there's a ton of fun going on.  My advice?  Check the Community Calendar because things are constantly being added to it...that way you won't miss out on anything.

I can’t think of any better way to get this summer underway than to head to Callaway Gardens for the 53rd Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be filled with some of the best skiers and wakeboarders on the planet doing their thing on Robin Lake.  These guys will be doing all sorts of tricks, jumps and slaloms…things that the rest of us should never try on the water!  Besides all the competition, there’s also live music, specialty vendors, custom car show, FSU Flying High Circus, the Silver Wings Night Pyrotechic Parachute Team and of course all the beach activities!

While you’re in that part of our region, you might also take a bit of the day to head over to the Little White House in Warm Springs.  It only happens a couple of times a year and here’s one of those chances this weekend to take a dip in the historic pools created by President Franklin Roosevelt in his battle against Infantile Paralysis.  Normally these pools are kept empty for preservation, but they are filling them up with that warm spring water that flows naturally from Pine Mountain.  This mineral water is 88-degrees and even thought it didn’t do too much as a treatment for paralysis, it is unbelievably relaxing to swim in!  The swim sessions are 90-minutes each and you do need to make reservations, because it’s limited to 80 people per session.   A little known fact is that President Roosevelt spent two-thirds of his personal wealth to create this treatment center.

Let’s not forget what this day is all about, so to honor soldiers and veterans who have or are serving this country, Monday there is a special Memorial Day Dedication Ceremony along Heritage Walk at the National Infantry Museum beginning at 10:00am on Monday.  After the ceremony is over, there will be other activities taking place at the Museum. 

If you want to do a little exploring a little south of Columbus to see what’s happening this weekend, there’s something really cool going on at the 1850’s Village of Westville.  That’s the place where when you walk through the big gate, it’s no longer 2012…you’ve gone back in time to life in the 1850’s!  And this weekend, you get a to visit a Creek Indian village to she how they lived in the 19th-century and explore their culture.  You’ll also get to hear both sides of the story surrounding the Creek Wars, but watch out…the Creeks will “attack” the village of Roanoke and Shepherd’s Plantation!  Talk about living history…this is a lot more fun than watching a documentary on TV because you’re right in the middle of the action!

After you make it thru the Creek Indian War, you might need to chill a bit, so since you won’t be far from Florence Marina State Park, head that way for all of lots of activities with their Memorial Day Celebration!  They’ll have lots going on Saturday-Monday with crafts, games and boat rides.  But here’s a tip:  If you can’t squeeze in a trip to Florence Marina this weekend because there’s just so much going on, not to worry; but, make sure to put them on the calendar for next weekend because that’s when they do their annual Alligator Day…tell you more about that next Friday!

Wow, it's a full weekend...just make sure you keep it safe while you're out and about!

Now, go have some fun...