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Uptown Creates New Committees to Guide Revitalization Efforts—Invites Residents to Join

Mar 11, 2021

For Immediate Release


Tracey Green

Uptown Columbus, Inc



March 11, 2021


Uptown Creates New Committees to Guide Revitalization Efforts--Invites Residents to Join


Columbus, GA – Uptown Columbus Incorporated and the Business Improvement District recently announced that the nonprofit organizations are forming committees as a way to obtain more input and involvement in their community-building and economic development efforts.  These new committees will provide an opportunity for local residents to take a greater role in planning and implementing programs, projects, and activities to grow Uptown. 


This new management approach was identified in a recently completed Strategic Plan.  The idea is to create four committees based on specific functions performed by the Uptown organizations.  Committees would be open to anyone with an interest and would meet on a quarterly basis. An overview of the four committees includes:


Prosper Committee:  Focuses on increasing the number of businesses, jobs, and the tax base in Columbus’ urban center.


Play Committee:  Organizes and implements special events and activities that attract people to visit Uptown.


Enjoy Committee:  Works to provide a safe and visually appealing urban setting with pedestrian friendly amenities and a vibrant riverfront.


Inform Committee:  Promotes and attracts people to visit the shops, restaurants, and attractions in Uptown.  Also positions Uptown as a place to live.


Uptown is a 24-hour mixed use district that is home to over 590 businesses, 7,980 employees and 6,650 residents.  The district also hosts dozens of festivals and special events each year and has important recreational amenities such as the Riverwalk, splash pad, ziplining and whitewater rafting.  Uptown is also a regional artistic hub and entertainment center.  In addition, Uptown is a tourism and hospitality center for out of-town visitors.  With these wide ranging and diverse uses, Uptown’s leaders decided the time was right to seek more participation from the community to help guide the various initiatives that serve these constituency groups.


“We wanted to expand collaborations and engage more people in our work to enhance and grow the region, especially as we navigate the pandemic recovery,” said Uptown Columbus President Ed Wolverton.  “This new committee structure will allow anyone with an interest to become active and involved in our programs that continue to positively transform the community,” he said.


People willing to serve on a committee can visit to obtain a simple, one-page application form.  The website has details about roles and responsibilities of each committee and the tentative meeting dates and times.  The meeting schedule will be finalized as the committee memberships fill out.  People can also obtain a committee application form by emailing:



About Uptown Columbus Incorporated and the Uptown Business Improvement District

These two nonprofits are public-private partnership organizations with a shared mission to make Uptown an inviting, livable, and perpetually active space.



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