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May Flower Statue Returned to Uptown Columbus

Aug 9, 2021

For Immediate Release – August 9, 2021



Ed Wolverton, Uptown Columbus President



May Flower Statue Returned to Uptown


Columbus, GA:  The saga of the stolen May Flower statue has come to a positive end.  The statue was spotted by a family on a leisurely walk at Dinglewood Park on Saturday, August 7th around 10:30am.  The Columbus Police Department was dispatched, and after a short examination, they called Uptown Columbus, Inc. with the good news.


 “We were out for a morning stroll, and I happened to glance over the creek into Dinglewood Park. As someone who frequents Uptown, I am familiar with the May Flower.  She is unmistakable. I saw her peeping out from the tall grass,” said Mary Katherine Carpenter. “I could not believe my eyes. I yelled ‘There she is!’ and ran all the way to her.  My husband Andy, our 3-year-old son, and I found her placed upright behind the park sign in great shape,” she said.


The statue is part of a public art collection that is displayed throughout Uptown.  The piece was stolen on April 11th from a pedestal at 10th Street and Broadway.  Its recovery in Dinglewood Park at 13th Street and Warren Williams Road is about 1.7 miles away.


“We are thrilled that the May Flower statue has been found and are eager to securely reinstall her to her permanent home at 10th Street and Broadway,” said Ed Wolverton, President of Uptown Columbus Incorporated.  “Our residents, workers, customers, clients and visitors should be grateful to Mary Katherine, Andy and Roland making the find and promptly calling the Police,” he said.


The statue’s recovery benefitted from significant and sustained community support.  A public outcry occurred when the theft of the statue was first reported.  An anonymous donor emerged to fund a reward account to help recover the statue.  The Police Department received and investigated numerous tips about the case. 


Last week, Piedmont Columbus Regional donated additional money to expand the reward fund.  The persistent attention about the statue’s loss in both mainstream media and social media likely helped lead to its recovery.   


Uptown Columbus Incorporated will reinstall the May Flower statue as early as possible.  The Carpenters are planning to use some of the reward money to support other charitable causes. 


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