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Local Historical & Sightseeing Tours of Columbus, Georgia

Local Historical & Sightseeing Tours of Columbus, Georgia

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Choose from any of these exciting tours:

1) Sightseeing Tour - a general overview tour of Columbus 

2) Downtown Columbus, GA - Four historic districts & the Final Battle 

3) Local Black Heritage Tour, Columbus, GA 

4) Arts & Antebellum Tour, GA - Local arts, literature, and antebellum homes

5) Historic Cemeteries in Columbus 

6) Foodie Tours - visit 5 local "mom & pop" food venues (Two-day advance reservation needed) 

Tour method options:

Guide On Board Your Vehicle Tours: 

A tour guide will accompany you in your vehicle and lead you to interesting points of interests. 

Prices start at $20 per vehicle (1-4 guests) for a one-hour tour; $30 for full two-hour tour.  Visit for rates for larger number of guests.   

Walking Tours: 

Available only for Downtown and Liberty District tours.  Price per person.

Adults (Ages 13+): Full $15 or $10 for one-hour tour 

Children (ages 8-12): Full $8, or $5 for one-hour tour

Ages 7 and under: Free. 

Shuttle Tours:

Vicinity Tours provide the transportation throughout the tour.

Pricing ranges $25-$30 per person, based on number of people in your group. 

See for detailed pricing. 

Foodie Tours: 

Price includes the food

Guide on Board your vehicle Foodie Tour is $50.00 per person

Shuttle Foodie Tour is $60.00 per person

For more details or to book: Visit, or call 762-822-6251, or email

Location: 900 Front Avenue

Contact: Victor Feliciano

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