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Guerrilla Self-Protection Bootcamp

Guerrilla Self-Protection Bootcamp

Road rage, violent acts, abuse, and sexual violence happens. It happens to normal people. 

Ask yourself:
"Will I recognize a violent situation developing around me?"
"What is my safety plan?"
"Do I have the skills I need to survive?"
"Do I know what to do when I feel creeped out?"
"What should I expect after a violent situation?"
"What level of violence is ok?"
"What can I teach my kids to help them be safer?"

If you feel ensure about any of these questions then make this event a priority for your peace of mind.

Having the essential information to prepare, prevent, survive and sort through the aftermath is critical. 

This seminar, a first in Columbus, will lay the foundation for you—no matter what your level of experience! 

A portion of this event will be lecture and practicum. 

Guerrilla Self-Protection and the host (Marcy Sumner Grady) have decided that a portion of the funds we raise will go to support:

Guerrilla Self-Protection is excited by the work they do in the Columbus area and we want to support them.

This event will be held at Impact Performance Rx, 506 Manchester Expressway, Ste. D4-7, Columbus, GA.

Location: Impact Performance Rx, 506 Manchester Expressway, Ste. D4-7, Columbus, GA

Contact: Marcy Grady

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