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Eddie’s Stone Song, Odyssey of the First Pasaquoyan

An opera based on the life of visionary artist Eddie Owens Martin, Eddie's Stone Song, Odyssey of the First Pasaquoyan explores the protagonist's journey, from his early years as a sharecropper’s son, to his wild nights in Greenwich Village, to his transformation into the self-anointed St. EOM. The work is set in his dazzling fortress of mystic visions and human peace, Pasaquan. The premiere performance will feature Michelle Murphy DeBruyn, soprano, playing the roles of Eddie, his friends, and family, the Pasquoyan visitors, narrator, and all other characters of the story. The accompanying ensemble of the premiere will be the CSU Contemporary Music Ensemble, under the direction of Paul Hostetter. The composer is James Ogburn and librettist is Scott Wilkerson.

Location: Pasaquan


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