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Holy Moly at the fun stuff going on in Columbus, GA this weekend! I’m ready for it.  How about you?

Did anyone else do the 'happy dance' this morning when the weather guy showed the temperatures for the weekend?  We're talking no rain and highs in the upper 60s and lower 70s.  I am now officially in a good mood.  Couple all that perfect Fall weather with plenty of things to get out and do this weekend and I think we may have just hit a home run.  I took a look at the Event Calendar earlier this morning and am flabbergasted at just how much is scheduled for this weekend!  And the good news is that the deeper we get into Autumn, the fuller the Event Calendar gets. 

So what are you in the mood for...Giant Birds, Giant Green Ogers, Giant Space Aliens?  Believe it or not, we've got all that and then some.  Check out the Columbus Sci-Fi Con at Coca-Cola Space Science Center, the First Friday Artwalk and Concert on Broadway in Uptown Columbus, Shrek the Musical at the Springer Opera House (last weekend, by the way), a giant bird program and pet CPR/first aid at Oxbow Meadows, a big fall festival at the Little White House, a Healthy Kids Expo at Lakebottom Park, and all the kooky-fun activities they have going on at the Fall Family Fun Days at The Rock Ranch.

And if you want to open the sunroof and hit the road, take the quick ride to Gay, GA for the Cotton Pickin' Fair.  Nothing will get you in the mood for this season like this 'granddaddy of all festivals!'

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It’s the Last Weekend of Summer, so let’s do it up right!

"Fall is a Southerner's reward for surviving summer."  Saw that quote on Southern Living's Facebook page this week and truer words were never spoken!  Summer is leaving us, but not before we have one more weekend packed with fun stuff to do and it looks like a little bit of everything happening.  You can take your pick from things like Shrek-The Musical at the Springer Opera House, the 2nd Annual Children's Book Festival at Columbus Public Library, Busy as Bee Workshop at Hills & Dales Estate in La Grange, the Shrine Circus is at Columbus Civic Center, football at Doughboy Stadium at Fort Benning, and something kids of all ages (including us big kids) will enjoy at Oxbow Meadows...Ninja Turtles!  And those are just the events I saw after taking a quick glance at the Event Calendar, which is the best site to visit when you're trying to figure out what to put on your weekend itinerary.  Goodbye Summer...and Hello Fall!

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Labor Day Weekend!  Not so much labor, but a whole lot of weekend!

What is it about that extra 24 hours tacked onto a weekend that can make even the most serious among us go positively giddy with excitement?!  This 3-day Labor Day Weekend is just hours away from starting and that means we'll all have time to get around-the-house chores done, have some fun, run errands, have a little more fun, get some much needed rest and still have time for even more fun.  In fact, now that I think about it, since this is the unofficial last weekend of Summer, let's save the errands and chores for another weekend and just concentrate on the fun part...o.k. and maybe a nap or two.

So if fun is what you're on the hunt for this weekend, you get to choose from quite a few options. Actually, there are so many things going on that your best bet is to take a look at the Event Calendar to line up your agenda.  It really is a great resource--take it from someone who usually starts perusing it on a Monday afternoon to start planning for the next weekend!  But coming up this go 'round, there's anything from the Sky High Hot Air Balloon Festival at Callaway Gardens, the Old Russell County Courthouse Labor Day Fair in Seale, an original play, The Old Ship of Zion, being performed at Port Columbus, a big Labor Day Weekend Book Sale at the Ledger-Enquirer, a Labor Day Mini Camp for kids at the National Infantry Museum, and even a huge BSC Softball Tournament at South Commons and a major USTA tennis tournament at Cooper Creek Tennis Center.

Enjoy Summer's last hurrah with your family and friends this weekend...then we can start looking forward to all the Fall events headed our way!

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More Summer Fun on the way this Weekend in Columbus, GA!

After hearing on the news this morning the heat index reached 115 degrees in some parts of the Southeast yesterday and that we've got the same to look forward to again today, the first thing I did when I got to work this morning was to Google "First Day of Autumn 2014."  And I'm happy to report that as of tomorrow, Saturday, August 23, we'll be exactly one month away from the start of Fall.  But before we can start pulling out sweaters and boots from storage, it does look like another scorching weekend coming up, so how about we look for some fun things to do this weekend that involves plenty of air conditioning?  Luckily, we've got some great choices of some pretty interesting sounding events--like what's going on at the National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus.  They're debuting a new play, The Old Ship of Zion, by Columbus, GA playwright Natalia Naman.  It'll to be running this Friday-Sunday and also next Wednesday & Thursday (August 22-24 & 27-30). It's the story of an African-American church in Columbus facing a dwindling congregation who's preparing for one last leap of faith - a revival. Folks involved say it's a moving, funny, and refreshingly earnest play and will test everyone's understanding of community, faith and the challenges churches face in today's world. They'll even have a panel Q&A session after the play to really get you thinking.  I also like the fact that admission is only $10 and they keep it pretty chilly in that museum!

And speaking of museums, the Columbus Museum has several new exhibits on display and a couple you really should check out include Leaving Mississippi – Reflections on Heroes and Folklore: Works by Najee Dorsey and William Beckman: Drawings, 1967-2013.  Two very different exhibits, but both well worth a visit to this impressive facility.  Of course, there's never an admission charge to get in the museum...and yes...they keep it nice and cool in there, too!

Now, if you just can't get enough of this hot weather and WANT to be outside enjoying the heat, there's a ton of stuff going so make sure you take a good look at the Event Calendar and then start making some weekend plans!

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Need Ideas for Weekend Fun?  You Came to the Right Place!!

This morning, the weather guy was talking about how some rain might be moving in this weekend.  Doesn't matter.  The only word in that first sentence that matters is weekend!  I can vouche for the fact that no body I know is made of sugar, so we aren't going to melt!!  Besides, if you sit home and pout about a little rain, you're going to miss out on a lot.  Sit at home and you're going to miss things like a Movie on the Beach at Callaway Gardens tonight, or an incredible production of Charlotte's Web at the Springer Opera House.  Speaking of the Springer, you know how we've mentioned No Shame Theatre, well now they have a version on Friday nights called No Shame Junior and it's just for those ages 12-17 so they can get on stage and share their talent.  How about talking a guided tour of Historic Linwood Cemetery?  If you want to see some incredible art, make sure you put the Columbus Artists Guild Art Show on your list, too.  (That one is going on until August 2 if you can't work it in this weekend.)  And finally, if you're a bride to be, you should check out the Wedding Extravaganza at the Trade Center this Sunday.  That may save you a lot of headaches when you start planning your big event!

Don't forget to take a look at the Event Calendar--it's loaded with lots of great ideas of things to get out and do!

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Time for some 4th of July Celebrations in Columbus, GA!

It's the holiday for flag-waving, family gatherings and apple pie eating!!  And of course there are lots of places to take in a big celebration and a good fireworks Freedom Fest at the National Infantry Museum, the Patriotic Celebration and Fireworks Show at the Phenix City Amphitheatre, the Annual Spectacular Boat and Jetski Parade on Lake Harding, the big Star Spangled Beach Party at Callaway Gardens, and the Celebration on the Lake at Florence Marina, but how about kicking the day off with something a little different?  The Springer Opera House is doing their version of a Fourth of July parade!  It's the only one happening in Columbus and you can be a part of it!  Festivities begin onstage at the Springer at 10:00am, then everyone heads out of the theatre and marches through Uptown Columbus--chanting, singing, and performing various patriotic acts; and festivities conclude back on stage with a round of patriotic songs about an hour later.  Everyone is welcome to join in on this...adults, teens, kids, even the four-legged fur-babies in the family.  They'll even have some flags and other patriotic goodies or you can bring some from home.  And if for no other reason to join in on this, go for your chance to meet and hear the Springer Academy founder and namesake, Dot McClure, speak.  She is quite a lady!!

Hope you have a happy and safe 4th and don't forget to check the Event Calendar for lots more ideas on things to get out and do this weekend!

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Summer is here and bringing lots to get out and do in Columbus, GA!!

OK, so officially, Summer begins on Saturday, but it looks like someone forgot to tell Mother Nature because she's been sending us Summer-like weather for quite a while now...not that I'm complaining.  Yet.  And the really good news is that Summer also brings a plethora (I've been wanting to use that word all week!) of activities we can enjoy inside and out.  Just take a look a some of the stuff going on this weekend!  Take your pick from the glitz and glamour of the 70th Annual Miss Georgia Pageant at RiverCenter, a movie on the beach (Monsters University) at Callaway Gardens, being a part of the adventures of Dora the Explorer at CSU's Riverside Theatre, delve into Columbus history at the 3rd Saturday Walking Tour at Historic Linwood Cemetery, then enjoy a rockin' good time in the Phenix City Amphitheatre Saturday night with none other than Sha Na Na in concert!   And don't think that's everything going on this weekend.  But they only allow me so many words...otherwise, I tend to get a little my best advice is to jump over to the Event Calendar and take a look at the big list of things you really should get out and enjoy this weekend!

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What Time Is It?  If you said it’s time to start the weekend, you are so very correct!!!

If you're wondering if there is anything to do this weekend in Columbus, GA the answer is a.) yes and b.) a lot!!  You can kick things off tonight with the First Friday Art Walk in Uptown Columbus.  Looks like it should be a great night to stroll the sidewalks along Broadway, check out some really cool art, entertainment and maybe even have a delicious dinner on your walkabout.  Things really get into gear tomorrow morning with the 3rd Annual MDA Firefighters 5K at Big Dog Running Company in Uptown, at Port Columbus they'll be telling the story of the capture of the USS Water Witch with a program called "One Ship, Two Navies, or you can head to Florence Marina State Park for one of the most fun event they do there all year...Alligator Day!  They'll have an expert on hand doing several programs throughout the day to tell you all about these prehistoric creatures, then...and this is my favorite get to climb on board the pontoon boats and head out to see how many you can count sunning themselves on the riverbank or look carefully in the water and you may just see two little eyes looking back at you.  Kids of all ages, including my age, love this one!  And if you have a green thumb, or want to learn more about cultivating one, head to Columbus Botanical Garden all weekend for the Chattahoochee Valley Daylily Festival.

That's just enought info to tease you...make sure you take a look at the Event Calendar to find out more fun stuff happening in Columbus!

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Time’s A-Wasting!  Let’s get this holiday weekend started!

It's a good thing we have a long, 3-day weekend ahead of us, because one look at the Event Calendar and all the fun stuff going on, it's going to take us at least 3 days to get it all in.  Truth be told, I could be talked into taking Tuesday off just to rest up from this weekend!  So what's all going on?  Two words.  A. Lot!  The best advice I can give you is to take a look at the Calendar and start making some plans.  You can kick it off tonight with what plans to be a one heck of a concert and party in Uptown with Classic Addict on stage and of course the highlight of the evening will be the return of Scott Ressmeyer and his Miracle Riders as they ride back into Columbus.  The concert starts at 7:00pm, but this is one you definitely want to get there early for.

And who says you have to drive 3 or 4 hours to get to the beach?!  You can hop in your car and be at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world at Callaway Gardens and enjoy the 55th Master Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament all weekend long.  If you want to enjoy a little all-American softball action, check out the 34th Annual NAIA Softball National Championship at South Commons...head to Historic Westville for a very realistic re-enactment of the 1836 Creek Indian War...and there's Run for the Heroes--a 260 mile race across Georgia that finishes up late Sunday afternoon in Uptown with a big party--and we're all invited to celebrate this accomplishment! 

And lest we forget what this weekend is really all about, make sure you find time on Saturday to head to the National Infantry Museum. You can relive May 1943 as WWII historians, Kelly’s Zeroes step back in time to show you what life was like for our Soldiers during the war. You will even get the rare chance to participate in the living history event on the historical World War II Company Street!  Then you can go inside the Museum and cool off in the IMAX Theatre and see the brand new 3-D film called "D-Day:  Normandy 1944."  Got a chance to see it earlier this week and it is so well done and will keep you mesmerized the entire 45 minutes.

Looks like there's plenty to do between cookouts and pool parties!  Be safe....

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It’s Been a Week of Bad News/Good News, so let the Weekend Fun Begin!

First the bad news.  The week started off bright and early Monday morning with the well-coiffed national news anchor telling me the results of a 9-year study had just been released and that's when my whole world went dark.  She had the unpleasant duty of telling us unsuspecting viewers that experts are now saying the health benefits of dark chocolate and red wine are not as impressive as once thought.  Wait.  What?  Surely there's a flaw in this study.  For years now, I've been feeling good about the quantity of dark chocolate and red wine I consumed thinking I was "doing a body good."  Looks like not so much...say it isn't so.  So this is how my week began.

But now the good news!  Thankfully, there are so many fun things to get out and do this weekend, otherwise, I might just have to sit home and drown my sorrows...with a big glass of Cabernet...and a HUGE block of chocolate.  So, I hopped on the Event Calendar and was instantly cheered-up when I saw the all the options.  Then I started compiling a list and I felt even better.  First up, I might take in the Isley Brothers concert at the Civic Center tonight...hoping some feel-good music may soothe my soul.  Then maybe take in a performance of "The Odd Couple" at the Springer for some good laughs.  Of course, Saturday morning's ritual is to stroll along Broadway for Market Days--I'll just look away from the dark chocolate goodies--followed by  the 3rd Saturday tour at Historic Linwood Cemetery...there's a lot of really interesting history there and they tell the stories in such a cool way!  And then talk about something that will make us all feel good...there's a special event on Ft. Benning called "Salute to the Troops" on Saturday and it's open to the public.  And I can't think of a better way to finish off the weekend than to spend Sunday in Lakebottom Park with the 18th Annual Arts in the Park.

So it looks like red wine and dark chocolate are off the menu for the weekend, but it looks like we'll be so busy they won't be missed!  Ok, maybe a little.

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Time for some Mother’s Day Weekend Fun in Columbus, GA!

Now, I'm not hear to preach or tell you how to run your lives, but I would like to give you a not-so-sublte reminder that Mother's Day is THIS Sunday, so if you haven't already made plans to treat Mom to something special this weekend, you'd better get planning!  How about if I give you a quick rundown of a couple of things going on that she might enjoy...and I'd be willing to be that you'd have a good time too!

Actually, if you just head to Uptown Columbus, you'll be right in the middle of tons of stuff going on.  The Columbus Symphony Orchestra has their final performance of the season Saturday night at RiverCenter and if you're still celebrating on Monday, maybe take Mom out to dinner then treat her to a performance with the Youth Orchestra of Greater Columbus at RiverCenter and their Maestro for a Moment performance...that's a really talented bunch of young musicians and the competition between the three guest 'conductors' is always a lot of fun!

If it's outdoor, festival-fun you're looking for...boy are you in for a TREAT!  It's the return of RiverFest in Uptown Columbus and they have non-stop fun planned from Friday evening to late Saturday night.  There's a concert tonight with an incredible Eagle's tribute band called On the Border who I hear are phenomenal, the Boy Scouts invade Woodruff Park with all sorts of cool stuff, there'll be food trucks on Dillingham Street Bridge, the 2nd Annual Dragon Boat Race, all sorts of activities going on in the river...stand-up paddleboards, kayak demonstrations, boatercross, rafting, a reenactment from Port Columbus showing how during the Civil War, ironclads were able to make a daring escape...going down the rapids!, food and more food, and lots of vendors selling just about anything you can think of!

Mom will love it, the kids will love it, you'll love it...sounds like a winner of a weekend for us all.

Find out lots more details about these and other events on the Event Calendar.

And Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!

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Celebrating Easter at Westville…1850’s Style!

Before there were plastic Easter baskets, plastic Easter eggs and plastic-tasting Easter candy, there was a bit more natural approach to celebrating this special holiday and the folks at the historic village of Wesville are giving us a peek into what it was like during the 1850's.  Not only do we get to see what it was like, but there's a lot of hands-on stuff to do to really get the full experience.  So instead of putting all your eggs in a basket, you get to start the fun off with making your own bag to fill with the "egg-cellent" treasures you find. (Sorry, it isn't Easter until there's a bad egg pun!)  And speaking of eggs, I don't know how they do it, but instead of the chemical dips most of us use to get those brightly colored eggs, you'll use a natural dye that turns the eggs the most beautiful colors I've ever seen.  You can even make an Easter paper flower bouquet, make a leather bracelet at the leather shop, fashion some pin wheels to spin in the breeze, and even join in the fun of an old-fashioned Easter Egg Roll!  If you have kids, this would really be fun to take the short drive to Westville and enjoy some family fun together...and even if it's still a little drizzly on Saturday (April 19), not to worry because most of the activities take place in the historic buildings in the village. 

And don't forget to check out the Event Calendar if you're looking for other things going on this weekend...there's plenty to choose from!  Happy Easter!

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It’s been Spring for exactly 4 hours and 24 Minutes.  That explains my quick on-set of Spring Fever!

Yep.  Just looked at the clock and Spring graced us with her presence exactly 4 hours and 24 minutes ago.  Combine that with a delicious lunch sitting outdoors on Broadway, a beautiful blue sky, it's Friday eve...and then it hit me.  I. Have. Spring. Fever.  This is one winter I am not unhappy to say goodbye to and am welcoming Spring with open arms.  I won't even complain about the pollen this year.  Maybe.  One thing for sure I won't be complaing about is the number of events going on in Columbus this Spring.  And I don't mean later on in the season...I mean this weekend!

So what do you want to do to celebrate?  You can kick things off with the Uptown Drum Circle on Friday night or take your kids to a performance of James & The Giant Peach at the Springer Opera House or The Secret Garden at Riverside Theatre Complex.  Or how about heading back in time at the National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus for their big RiverBlast 2014 event this Saturday?  Looks like some fun at the Coca-Cola Space Science Center with their MAD Science event on Saturday and you can even round out the weekend with a little culture with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra and their performance highlighting the works of Tchaikovsky that evening at RiverCenter.

It's going to be a busy Spring and Summer, so just a suggestion, make sure you take a look at the Event Calendar often because events are added to it all day long!  And...Happy Spring.

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Soooooooooo Much to Do in Columbus, GA this Weekend!  From Planes to Plays to Paintings!

It's a good problem to have, but I've been trying to figure out all day the best way to let you know all zillion and one things that are going on this weekend...because the pickin's are anything but slim!!  There's Thunder in the Valley at the Columbus Airport, the Youth Orchestra of Columbus has a really cool Sunday lunch and live performance at the Trade Center, Beauty & The Beast at RiverCenter, the Color Me Rad 5k Run/Walk in Uptown Saturday morning...and the list goes on and on.  So to save you lots of time, I'd suggest you get a good look at the selections this weekend by combing through the Event Calendar.  You might even want to bookmark it or make it one of your favorites, because as the weather warms up, there are more and more fun things going on to get out and do...and I'm telling you, it's the best resource I know of to get this good info!

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It’s a Holiday Whirlwind Weekend in Columbus, GA!

Have you taken a look at the Event Calendar to see all that's going on this weekend?!  There's an amazine array of things to get out and do, starting with one of my favorite events all year...Broadway Holiday!  The big tree in the 1100 block of Broadway will be lit, lots of choirs singing carols, and of course, Santa himself will be in the gazebo to chat with all the kids.  And did I mention the snow!?!?!  I know it's going to be close to 80 degrees today, but a little detail like that won't stop the snow at Broadway Holiday.

Some other things you might want to squeeze in this weekend include the Holiday Tour of Homes in Overlook, Victorian Christmas at Port Columbus, Disney in Concert with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra at RiverCenter, Oxbow Meadows has a Holiday Open House, there's a performance of "A Place Called Christmas" at Riverside Theatre Complex, a Holiday Open House & Art Sale at Britt David Art Studio, the MCoE Band at RiverCenter, and a Christmas Open House at Columbus Botanical Garden.  And that's just for starters! 

Since I'm running out of room, I'd suggest clicking over the the Event Calendar to get a good look at all the fun stuff going on this weekend and next...and start making some plans to enjoy this season!

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Need to find out where all the fun is happening in Columbus, GA?  Then let me tell you where to go!

OK, I admit it.  Had to take a break from a proofing assignment and to clear my head, I checked out the Event Calendar just to see what sort of "serious" fun plans I can make for the weekend.  But then I went a little deeper just to see if there were any events listed for the upcoming holiday season and wow, looks like it's going to be a busy time of year for things to do!  I've already started penciling in some of the performances at the Springer, RiverCenter, Broadway Holiday, Christmas Parade, Victorian Christmas at Port Columbus, Cantus Columbus...yeah, it's going to be whirlwind of holiday fun.  But that's just the way I like it. 

Guess my break is over, but if you get a chance today, go take a look at the event calendar and start making plans for the holidays!

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Take a Moment to Honor our Veterans on the Special Day at the National Infantry Museum

If you have the day off today...or if you are working, maybe your boss will give you a little time off...head to the National Infantry Museum for a day packed full of activities to honor our Veterans.  Activities kick off at 10:00 this morning with a Commemorative Paver Dedication Ceremony, there's a mini-camp for kids ages 5-11 to teach them the meaning and importance of this day, local Girl Scouts conducting a flag retirement ceremony, free self-guided tours of World War II Company Street, and special showings in the IMAX Theater.  And while you're there, make sure you shake the hand of a Veteran and say thank you!

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Perfect Fall Night for Halloween Fright in Linwood Cemetery!

This weather could not be more perfect for the event happening at the Historic Linwood Cemetery tonight!  It's the 17th Annual Historic Linwood Foundation Fall Ramble and it starts at sunset tonight.  You get to walk through the cemetery and visit with folks who'll talk about some of the various people buried there.  You've got to love this...the theme this year is "Morbid Curiosities" so get ready to hear some of the strange and unusual causes of death of some of the "residents" at Linwood.  It all cranks up at 5:00pm and tours will start every 15 minutes.  If you've never done this one, cancel whatever plans you had for tonight and add this to the list!

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Festive Fun Fall Frivolity…in Columbus, GA!

I've been waiting patiently for months to use that word "frivolity" because that's a word that be difficult to work into a conversation...unless it's really warranted.  After taking a look at the Event Calendar this afternoon to see what sort of offerings there might be for this first full weekend of Fall, that's the word that came straight to mind and sort of sums it all up!  There aren't many places in this universe that can offer anything from a Top 20 Event in the Southeast--the Cotton Pickin' Fair, to a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre (and you could be the culprit!), a Dulcimer Jam at FDR State Park, the 7th Annual Sci-Fi Con at the Coca-Cola Space Science Center, and even have a Picnic with the Tortoises at Oxbow Meadows!  Time to start making those weekend plans in Columbus, GA!!

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Hello Weekend, My Old Friend!

And not a moment too soon, the weekend is staring us in the face!  If you've got some free time and you're thinking..."Hmmm, what can I do for fun this weekend?"...well, I've got the skinny on a few things you might want to check out.  Take a quick read, then head to the Event Calender to get a good read on all of the events going on.

You can always count on something fun for all ages going on at Oxbow Meadows and this Saturday is no exception with a couple of events happening like their Colorful Creations Animal and Art Program that’s all about Owls and their Reading Club.  The program about owls is open to kids ages 6 & up and they are going to love it because it includes an animal show, art class and all the art materials they’ll need!  Or, your kids can be a part of Oxbow’s Reading Club, where for just $1, they get a story performed with puppets, pictures and skits and they get a membership card.  They can also earn points for attending the club and eventually turn those points into prizes!

Every kid hearing this may cringe at first when they hear this is a back to school event, but it sounds like a fun afternoon and you’ll be helping out a great cause!  It’s the Back-to-School Fun Day in the Park with the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office and it’s going to be this Saturday (4:00-11:00pm) at the Northern Little League Field.  They’ll have bouncy houses, children’s obstacle courses, lots of vendors and even an outdoor movie!  It’s all free, but they are requesting donations, which will go to Project Lifesaver—a non-profit organization that provides “at risk” folks with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Autism and brain injuries with a GPS-trackable bracelet and will provide training for 15 deputies to help locate the wearers.

If you’d love to find out more about local history and even art, try something completely different!  The Historic Linwood Cemetery is having one of their Third Saturday Tours and this one is going to focus on all the stone carvings found in the cemetery.  Tour starts at 9:30am at the Lummus Chapel on the east side of the cemetery and will last for about an hour.    No charge, but a donation would be accepted.

How about a chance to see some great movies in such a classically beautiful setting?  It’s all part of the Crowley Classic Film Series at the Springer Opera House and in fact, the series wraps up this weekend, but tonight you can see one of Steven King’s scariest stories…The Shining at 7pm. (That movie still gives me nightmares!) This film is rated R so get a babysitter and enjoy a night out. Tomorrow, you can take the kids to see Goonies at 2pm.  And tomorrow night at 7pm, if you’re in the mood for some comedy with Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn, they’ll be starring in Swingers at 7pm.  And don’t forget, Players Saloon opens and hour before and during the shows for snacks and refreshments so I promise, you won’t go hungry!  Great date night potential!!

Speaking of the Springer, this is the last weekend you can catch "Honk, Jr.--The Musical."  Great show for kids of all ages...yes, us big kids too.  Admission for this one ranges from $5-$10.

And, maybe a great start to the weekend can be found at the Columbus Public Library Friday night (7.19) with their free movie on the lawn—“The Land Before Time”—which will begin at sundown.  They’ll also have entertainment, jump houses, refreshments and lots more fun.  It all begins at 7:00pm.  The event is free and the refreshments will be available for purchase.

Don't forget to check out the big calendar of events to find out more about these happenings and tons of others.

Now, go have some fun...



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