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Take Me to the River…And Drop Me in the Water!

It's the weekend for whitewater we look forward to all's time for The Grand 2.0.  If you like the sounds of spending some time surfing the rapids, chowing down on tasty goodies from food trucks, washing it down with an ice cold beer, and a stage full of live music, then you really should check this one out!  The whole thing kicks off this afternoon (Friday, Aug 7) with discounted whitewater rafting, then a concert and food trucks in Uptown.

Then on Saturday, Whitewater Express will have 9 discounted hourly time slots from 9:00am-4:00pm, so if you haven’t tried the course yet, this is your day.  Seriously...what are you waiting for?  We're very lucky to have this jewel in our own backyard.  In fact, USA Today has already named our whitewater course as one of the world's Top 12 Man Made Adventures.  And here's a tip for you.  If you're a little nervous about what navigating these rapids will be like, then start out with one of the trips that happen earlier in the day.  The rapids are much more on the mild side and it's pretty peaceful and a good way to get your feet wet.  Uh, no pun intended there!  But if you're more inclined to walk...or raft...on the wild side, wait until later in the day when the dam opens upstream and that will pump up the volume on the difficulty of the rapids and it's a whole different experience than that early moring float! 

There's also more live music (free) in Woodruff Park, just across from Whitewater Express, and food trucks, water stations and more on Saturday.  And for those who may want to get on the river but maybe fighting the rapids isn’t your thing, then join in on the family-friendly flatwater paddle to Oxbow Meadows Saturday morning at 10:00am.

And how cool is this?  When the sun goes down, the guides from Whitewater Express and several other adventurous whitewater kayakers, will put on a “Saturday Night Lights” demonstration at the new section of whitewater illuminated by stadium lights…near “The Island.”  This, I've got to see!

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The Dog Days of Summer are Upon Us…So Let’s Celebrate!

Yep, we're knocking on the door of August and that means just one thing...the Dog Days of Summer are here.  But afterall, it is summer in Georgia, so we're ready for it.  When the all-knowing weather guy gave the forecast for the weekend this morning, he promised it would be cooler and drier--cooler meaning not breaking 100 degrees and a humidity level below 93%, but hey, I'll take it.  So let's enjoy this brief glimpse of Autumn and find some stuff to get out and do this weekend.  A good place to start making plans is by taking a look at the Event Calendar--it'll give you a day-by-day listing with all the details you'll ever need.

You can kick things off tonight with a short trip up to Callaway Gardens for their Friday Night Movies on the Beach or save that ride for Saturday evening for their Summer Sunset Music Series.  Either, or both, sounds good to me because you'll be by the lake with your toes in the sand. 

If you're in the need for some good reading material, the Columbus Public Library is the site for the Annual Muscogee County Friends of Libraries Book Sale.  They have 1000s of gently-used books for $1 so this will be a good time to stock up because pretty soon, we'll be complaining about how cold it is and staying home to read a good book is all you want to do.  Maybe comic books are what you're looking for, so after you dig through what they have at the Library, head to the Coca-Cola Space Science Center on Sunday for their big Columbus Comic Book & Toy Show.  They'll have all sorts of comics to buy, sell, or trade and lots of exhibits, movies, costume characters and more.

There's also the 2015 Columbus Artists' Guild Exhibition and Sale in the Illges Gallery at the Corn Center in Uptown Columbus.  I took a look at the Columbus Artists' Guild's website and I'm amazed at the level of talent these folks have...and they live right here in our own backyard!  Go just to marvel at their works or go ready to shop for some original art!  Or, how about a completely different activitiy that's on the other end of the spectrum, but these folks are just as talented in their own field.  The Muscogee RollerGirls will be back in action on the rink Saturday night against the Marietta Derby Darlins Allstars.  All the action takes place in the old Front Porch of the South bulding on Veterans Parkway.  It's non-stop skating and it's high energy and believe it or as well so take the kids!

The fun is out there.  You just need to get out and enjoy!

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Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!  But these bugs you’re gonna love!

I'm the first to admit I'm not a big fan of bugs.  Sure, I get excited when a butterfly or ladybug lands on me.  I'll even pick up a lizard that's found his way into my house and put him back outside where he belongs.  And roly-polies make me giggle.  But that's about where the fun ends and the terror begins.  However, I put all my fears aside one day each year and head out to Oxbow Meadows for their annual Insectival.  This Saturday (July 11) marks their 15th annunal insect festival and this thing never disappoints!  Once I get over the fact that there are creepy-crawlies everywhere, I'm ok and dive right into the fun.  You never know what you're going to experience but I know for sure you can check out things like honey extraction with the Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers, hands-on insect inspections (I can guarantee you won't see me in line for this one), sweet buggy treats, and their Infamous Cricket Spitting Contest!  Back to the sweet buggy treats, it's exactly what it sounds like.  In the past, they've had lollipops with crickets and other things in them you normally are glad not to find in your food and they've even had chocolate-covered 'goodies.'  The fun runs from 10:00am-3:00pm so if you have kids of any age, take them...they will love this.  And if you don't have kids, go anyway and be prepared to squeal and squirm at the sight of these curious creatures.  Just don't look for me near the hissing cockroaches...I'll be in the car when they brings those out!!


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Happy Birthday, America!  Time for Family-Fun to Celebrate!

Lots of families have different traditions to celebrate holidays and the 4th of July is no exception!  Why not add or start a new tradition with a couple of events happening in Columbus this weekend that will be the perfect addition to your festive line-up of fun?!

First up, there's the annual Fourth of July Parade at the Springer Opera House.  This thing has gotten bigger and better each year and in fact, this will be the first year there will be a police escort and they'll be closing the block on Broadway between 10th and 11th Streets...just to make it safer and everyone can have a better view.  There are a lot of theatre students involved in the parade and they never disappoint because they all get decked out in their wildest and most photogenic of patriotic costumes!  All the fun here starts at 10:00am at the Mainstage Springer entrance on 10th Street, so get ready to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, sing lots of patriotic songs, make a racket with noise makers and musical instruments and who know what else they have planned to proclaim our thankfulness for the United States of America!

And while you're in the neighborhood, plan a little extra time to wander through all the treasures you can find at Market Days on Broadway.  That will run until 12:00pm or so on Saturday.  Just at tip, if you want the organic eggs, get to that booth early!!

Then, pile everyone in the car and head to the southern part of town for a BIG to-do!  The National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center will host its third annual community-wide Independence Day celebration on Saturday, July 4. Freedom Fest will be held from 11a.m. to 6 p.m., and will be filled with music, kids’ activities, cannon firings, historical reenactments, food, and fun.  All day, kids will enjoy bounce houses, face and hair painting, balloon animals and Superheroes. The Pint-Sized Patriot Parade starts at 2 p.m. Youngsters are invited to dress up their bicycles, tricycles, and wagons – and themselves! – and parade down Heritage Walk accompanied by John Philip Sousa marches. Judges will award prizes for the most creative displays of patriotism. In the museum’s Grand Hall, parents can get free ID kits for their children through the GaCHIP program.  There’ll be live music throughout the day from Tim Maggart, the Oneeders and the Wayne Miner Band just outside the museum’s rotunda. Large tents will provide seating and shelter from the sun for audiences, but visitors are welcome to bring lawn chairs and blankets. The Silver Wings Parachute Demonstration Team is expected to drop in at Inouye Field at 2:30 p.m.

New this year will be demonstrations by iK9, an Auburn, Alabama, organization that trains service dogs to assist veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. World War II Company Street will be open for self-guided tours between 11a.m. and 3 p.m. Volunteers will be on hand to help visitors locate names on the Vietnam Wall, and the Memorial Walk of Honor will be open all day.

The IMAX Theatre will be the perfect place to cool off, with alternating screenings of D-Day 3D: Normandy 1944 and We the People for just $5 per person. Visitors can purchase ice cream, barbecue plates, chicken sandwiches, funnel cakes, hot dogs, hamburgers, pretzels, beer, frozen mocktails and soft drinks from our vendors. The Fife and Drum restaurant and the IMAX concessions stand will be open for diners who would rather stay indoors.

The museum’s activities will end at 6 p.m. Visitors will be encouraged to head to uptown Columbus or Phenix City for a concert in the riverside amphitheater and fireworks at dark.  The fun by the river begins at 6:30pm.

Looks like a fun-filled weekend...enjoy it with your family!  And Happy Birthday, America!

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Happy Father’s Day!  Treat Dad to some fun this weekend!

Dads.  You got to love 'em.  They work hard all week.  Wrestle with the weedeater on the weekends.  Loves his mother-in-law's cooking. Sits through dance recitals and smile about it.  And will brave the pouring rain to make an ice cream run for the kids.  But this weekend, it's all about treating Dad and making him feel special.  Maybe kick off the celebration with a movie on the beach tonight at Callaway Gardens, or a stroll through Uptown Columbus Market Days Saturday morning so he can stock up on his favorite fruits and veggies...instead of just what the kids want!  Or maybe he's in need of a good laugh so send him to chuckle his way through Spamalot at CSU's Riverside Theatre.  If he's a health-conscious kind of guy or needs to reduce a little stress--and what Dad doesn't--then plan to check out Barefoot in the Park, the International Day of Yoga event at Woodruff Park on Sunday.  They'll be doing all sorts of yoga demonstrations and classes outside and the day even ends with Sunset Paddleboard Yoga on the river!  He can even round out the weekend with some serious old-school fun at the Mr. & Mrs. Club 50's Sock Hop at the Trade Center Saturday night.  And tell him not to worry about his dance skills because they'll be doing a free class at 6:00pm before the dance even starts so he can get warmed up!

There's plenty of other ideas to take a look at on the Event Calendar, but whatever you decide to do with Dad this weekend, he'll just appreciate spending time with you!

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Be a Kid Again…Go Pick some Berries!

When I was a kid, there was a huge row of blackberry bushes that lined the drive to get to my grandparents place on the river.  As trips to the little cabin became more frequent in the Spring and then almost weekly during the Summer, my brother and I would eye these bushes carefully from the very back seat of our station wagon.  As soon as we turned down that dirt road, the anticipation would build as we watched the white blooms appear, then the green berriers, then morphing into a reddish color, and not long after that, those little morsels would appear in all their glory as the deepest purply-black color...which meant it was time to pick and then gorge.  It didn't matter how many battle scars we got on our arms and legs--scars from thorns and the much-dreaded red bugs that meant you'd be scratching for days--with those berries as our prize, it was worth it. 

Those are the kinds of memories that mean so much...and they are so simple.  If you're looking to make a memory with your kids this weekend, there's plenty of activities to get out and do.  One look at the Event Calendar will prove that.  Make sure you take a closer look at the entry from The Rock Ranch, because it's Berry Picking Saturday.  You don't have to do battle with the thorns and other creepy-crawlies to get to these bushes, in fact, you can take your pick from bushes bursting with blackberries and raspberries.  It's the taste of Summer all rolled up into one little fruit.  And if you get there and get too wrapped up in all the other events and activities going on...the Farmer's Market, pony rides, cane pole fishing, paddle boats...they'll even have bags of berries already picked and ready to go.  The Rock Ranch is only about an hour from Columbus, so it's a quick roadtrip and it's quite an adventure. Take your kids, take your family and go make a memory.  And eat some blackberries for me!

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“They’re PAID Vacation Days!”

Have you seen the TV ad with the kids talking about how their parents don’t use all their vacation time?  “Just one more day!”  “They’re PAID vacation days!”  It really made me stop and think.  So when I saw an article earlier this week from US Travel Association titled--Japan Wants Workers to Take More Vacation — Here’s Why We Should All Follow Suit, it really got my attention.  All I had to see was the ‘take more vacation’ part and I was immediately drawn into it. 

It seems Japan’s parliament is looking to slash on-the-job hours and push its workforce to take more time off.  There seems to be a huge problem with overwork-related issues in Japan, with workers clocking an average of 173 hours in overtime each year and that’s leading to unprecedented stress.  And Japan isn’t the only country with an overwork issue…seems we Americans leave roughly $224 BILLION worth of paid vacation time on the books.  That's BILLION...with a B.  It was also noted that taking a time-out is good for your heart and actually reduces risk of mortality.  There was a study highlighted from Psychosomatic Medicine that showed men who skipped out on vacation 5 years running were 30% more likely to suffer from a heart attack.  And yet another article went on to say that women who take a vacation once every 6 years were 8 times more likely to develop heart disease or have a heart attack than women taking 2 vacations per year.  Wake up, people…What’s wrong with us?!  We work hard all year and earn this time, so let’s use it!  The article went on to state that we’re “becoming a nation of work martyrs, coming into the office when we’re sick, wear unused vacation days like a badge of honor, and feel like we have to be seen at our desks early and often.”  Don’t get me wrong, there’s something to be said for soldiering through a day when you don’t feel so great and there are times where you absolutely have to come in early and stay late, but there has to be a good balance of the two. 

So what’s the lesson here?  We have weekends and vacations for a reason.  You have to have a diversion from your work life and find time to relax, reconnect, and recharge your battery.  It can be the full-blown pack-the-car or hop-on-a-jet getaway or the ever-popular ‘stay-cation.’  In fact, if you do plan to stay in your own backyard for your holiday, there are lots of resources out there to help you plan some fun things to do or try some new activities you’ve had on your bucket list for a while.  There’s no better place to start making those plans than with a quick visit to the Event Calendar.  Just this weekend alone, you’ll find anything from a daylily festival, berry picking, hanging out with alligators, an art walk, improv theatre, a burger cook-off, even The Rat Pack in concert.  How’s that for some variety? 

So when it’s quitting time, turn off your computer, inhale and exhale, and go enjoy your weekend or your vacation.  You’ve earned it!

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It’s a good weekend to be a kid in Columbus, GA!

Actually, kids of all ages...even us big kids...will find plenty to do this weekend!  Sometimes I think after a big holiday weekend, there won't be much to do or many event happening, but that certainly isn't the case this go-'round.  If you do have young-uns in the family, here're a couple of ideas to get out of the house and enjoy the perfect weather on tap for the next couple of days. 

You can kick things off tonight in Uptown Columbus with the last in the series of the Big To-Do Spring Concert Series.  The groove starts at 7:00pm tonight (May 29) in the 1000 block of Broadway and on stage is Departure:  The Journey Tribute Band.  Take some lawn chairs but chances are, you'll be up dancing most of the night.  Head back down to Uptown with the kiddos Saturday and take a stroll through Market Days on Broadway, then step over to Woodruff Park (along the RiverWalk at Bay Ave) for "Crayons, Crafts, & Kool Kids" going on from 10:00am-4:00pm.  They'll have a big outdoor party with bouncy houses, face painting, sidewalk art, music, food and a whole bunch of kid entrepreneurs with their creations for sale!

The fun continues on for the whole family Saturday night with Showtime at the Liberty Theatre...kind of an homage to Showtime at the Apollo.  They'll have talent categories for kids and adults and they'll be battling it out for some pretty serious prize money.  And I like that the winners are determined by audience applause, but they'll also have some celebrity judges on hand just in case of a tie!

Or, if you're in the mood for some sports, check out the action between the Columbus Lions and the Erie Explosion.  They'll be going head-to-head at the Civic Center Saturday night beginning at 7:00 and if you've never been to an indoor arena football game, it's non-stop action!  And I read that our Columbus Lions are in 1st place, so we need to go cheer them on!!

A little bit of everything for just about everybody going on this weekend.  Go have some fun!

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Three-Day Weekend, Anyone?!  Ummm….Yes, Please!

What is it about three-day weekends?  It's only one more day.  24 extra hours. 1440 more minutes.  (But that's me doing math on a Friday, so don't be surprised if that last one is off by a few minutes.)  And what a difference that one day makes.  It gives us all a bit extra time to either kick back and become one with the universe or take advantage of all the stuff going on and get out and have a little well-deserved fun!  Let's compromise and plan to relax for 18% of the weekend and spend the other 82% doing the fun options...ok, that's enough math for me for the entire three-day holiday.  So what's going on, you ask?  Lots.  I would suggest you take a look at the Event Calendar to see your choices and that will make it easier to plan your time.

There's no better way to start any weekend than with the Big To Do Concert Series in Uptown Columbus and tonight is extra special with a band that always draws a huge crowd--Cale Dodds and Classic Addict--and to top it off, Scott Ressmeyer and his riders will be returning from their final ride through all 48 lower states, raising money for the Children's Miracle Network.  If you've never witnessed the return of all these guys driving up on their motorcycles, it is absolutely a sight to see.  And it's all free!

At CSU's Riverside Theatre, there's a hilarious sounding production going on called "Unnecessary Farce."  It's even a "bring your own dinner" dinner theatre and has great date potential written all over it!  This one is probably best suited for ages 18 & older because it involves cops, crooks and a cheap hotel room!

If you love all things cars, there's a Bugs on the Hooch-VW Car Show & Swap Meet at Woodruff Park along the RiverWalk on Saturday from 8:00-3:00pm and they'll have cars from all over the southeast.  Or take the short drive south to Lumpkin, GA and see what's going on at Historic Westville.  It's actually a really great time to pay a visit to this village because they'll have their 1836 Creek War & Cultural Event all day Saturday and Sunday and it will put you right in the middle of all the action.  The village will be inhabited by Muscogee Creek Indians and they'll be eager to share their traditions, skills and stories with you and you can talk to military and citizens and hear first-hand accounts from re-enactors who'll be telling you why the war happened and how folks on both sides felt about it.  Look for 3 separate battles to take place and you will definitely have one of those "You Were There" moments!

And of course, we can't have a Memorial Day Weekend without talking about some events to celebrate the holiday like the 56th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament at Callaway Gardens that goes on through Sunday.  Not only will you get to see the world's best water skiers and wakeboarders go after the trophy and some serious prize money, but they will have the event jam-packed with all sorts of things to take part in like their farmer's market, beach activities, kid's zone, great food, drink specials, movies on the beach and even fireworks.  Or take in the fun they've planned at Florence Marina State Park Saturday-Monday so take a picnic lunch and then dive into all the games and activites they have planned.

So grill out, enjoy your friends and family, have a little fun, but most importantly, be safe and remember the real reason we celebrate this holiday!

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And so it begins….....the Weekend, that is!!

And what a weekend this is shaping up to be.  Looks like everything is falling into place for this to be one of those extra special weekends with so much stuff going on and believe it or not, it seems Mother Nature is even going to cooperate and send us perfect weather to enjoy all the fun!  You're on your own as far as trying to figure out how to fit all this in the next 2 1/2 days, but if that's the biggest problem we have all weekend, well, I'll take that.

This big fun-filled weekend kicks off tonight with the return of Uptown’s RiverFest and a whole gaggle of events that go along with it!  Tonight, the Uptown Concert Series will feature live music on the main stage at Woodruff Park.  On Saturday, things get started early at 9:00am with the Boy Scout Expo invading Woodruff Park with geocaching activities, Tomahawk throwing contest, outdoor cook off, archery activities and more.  Meanwhile, lots of stuff happening on the Chattahoochee with the 3rd Annual Uptown Dragon Boat Race (in front of the Coca-Cola Space Science Center), and upstream, there’s live music, Stand Up Paddling, kayak demos, rafting.  And if you’re hungry or in the mood to do a little shopping, the Dillingham Street Bridge will have food trucks, local eateries and vendors galore!  And speaking of the live music part, make sure you find your way back to the stage Saturday night at 9:30 for the headliners, The Swon Brothers—2015 American Country Music Dup of the Year Nominees and they were top 3 on The Voice!  How much for all this fun?  FREE.  (unless you want to go rafting or ziplining, there’s a cost for that but look for special pricing during the festival!) 

If you haven't had a chance to be a part of one of the Drum Circles that have been going on this Spring, the last one in this series is Saturday night (6:00-9:00pm) and if you're in the mix of RiverFest, walk another block north along the RiverWalk and you'll be right smack in the middle of some good vibrations!  And don't worry, you don't even have to know which end of a drum to hold to be a part of this...they'll even furnish you with something to bang on.  Talk about a great way to work out some frustrations.......

So as if this isn't enough to keep you hopping until Monday, don't overlook some of the other event happening like the award-winning production of "Born Yesterday" at the Springer Opera House (it's also happening next weekend if you need to have something to look forward to), or take the quick drive to The Rock Ranch for the 5th Annual Strawberry Festival--and yes, they'll have homemade strawberry ice cream and strawberry shortcake.  You had me at shortcake.  If you plan your day carefully, you'll even have time for the 8th Annual Picnic in the Garden at Hills and Dales in LaGrange.  You know it's going to be a real picnic when they bring out badminton, croquet and bocce ball games!  Bring you picnic basket and you get in free!

Get all the details you need on these and lots...and I do mean lots...of other events.  Just take a look at the Event Calendar to get the scoop.

Enough typing.  It's time to put for us to put on comfy jeans and good walking shoes and let's get this weekend started.

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Finally…A Rain-Free Weekend!

Is it just me or is everyone else chomping at the bit to get outside and play?!  If the weather guys got it right, it looks like and absolutely perfect Spring weekend, which works out great because there's so much to get out and enjoy.  A great way to kick things off tonight is with the Big To Do Concert in Uptown Columbus and performing tonight is everyone's favorite...Peggy Jenkins!  She and her band know how to put on a show that will have everyone up and dancing in the streets of Broadway.  And you actually get a double-dose of fun tonight because it's also the First Friday Artwalk along Broadway.  I walked by there a bit ago and it looked like the artists are setting up some really interesting stuff.

Plan to head back down to Uptown Saturday morning because of course you'll be able to wind your way through the tons of vendors set up for Market Days on Broadway, but there's also something extra special going on that kicks off at 9:00am.  It's something a little out of the ordinary, and frankly more than a little bit silly...but that's the whole point with "Strut the Hooch!"  The sillier the better!  It's  zany parade of fun folks, just for the fun of it.  The parade will showcase silliness and include such entries as a Ukulele Band, bagpipes, small antique vehicles, musical groups, clowns, stilt walkers, and who knows what else you might see!  All this goofiness will proceed up Broadway from 10th to 12th street and return.  Take your kids to this one...they'll get a big kick out of it!

And don't forget, it's the first weekend in May so that means the "Granddaddy of Southern Festivals," the Cotton Pickin' Fair will be going on all day Saturday and Sunday.  If you've been before, then you probably already have plotted out the booths you'll visit and how to pace yourself with all the food you're going to eat.  If you haven't been before, go and then prepared to be amazed at this festival.  It's set in the middle of a beautiful meadow and barn and it's chocked full of antique dealers, entertainment, and more food choices than you can shake a stick at!

Just think...a weekend with no rain, no humidity, and no heat.  You'd better get out and enjoy this while it lasts!

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RiverFest Weekend in Uptown Columbus

Let's start the countdown! Only 10 more days until Uptown's RiverFest Weekend! With live music, food, boy scout expo, and more, this is a must-see, must-do festival. Know what makes it even better? It's FREE! There is no admission! Seriously, this is a big weekend, folks. In addition to an already fantastic lineup of bands, you get to see The Swon Brothers, winner of TV's The Voice on Saturday evening. For a full line-up of events and acts, click here. The fun will kick off Friday, May 8 with Music and a Movie at 6pm at the Phenix City Amphitheatre and at 7pm, P-Funk Connection will take the stage in Woodruff Park. It starts up early on Saturday and between the boy scout expo, sidewalk arts festival, lots of live music, the Dragon Boat Races, the Hometown Throwdown at RiverWalk Island, the Singer Songwriter Concerts and all the yummy food you have to try, I don't know how you will get it all in. But I have faith that you'll manage! Mark your calendars now! May 8 & 9, 2015.


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So what?  It’s a rainy weekend.  At least it’s the weekend!

What's that old saying about "April Showers?"  Whoever coined that phrase sure got it right this week.  I'm certainly no meteorolgist, in fact I'm not even sure if I spelled it correctly, but looks like we're taking care of any rain deficit we had this year.  So we're all in agreement that we need the rain, but why, oh why did it have to rain out most of the outdoor activities this weekend?  Guess timing is everything, but not to worry, they've already rescheduled one of the big festivals that was set for this weekend, Frogtown Hollow Jam, moving it to next weekend (April 24 & 25).

And lest your spirits be dampened by the downpours and deluges (bad pun but it had to be done), there's still plenty of indoor fun on the horizon.  Just did a little research on the Event Calendar, and found a pretty impressive list of inside events you might want to look into.  The Springer Opera House just opened a show this week called "Why, Baby, Why?  The Music of George Jones and Tammy Wynette."  And man, what an opening...first night--SOLD OUT!  So my suggestion would be to call post haste and order your tickets before more shows sell out.  And for a little comedy relief, there's No Shame Theatre which takes place every Friday night beginning at 10:30 and admission is only $5.  The beauty of this show is that it's never the same thing twice and you never know what you might see on stage!

Across the street at RiverCenter for the Performing Arts, you've got a choice of a performance of "The Great Gatsby" Saturday night or on Sunday, the Schwob School of Music at CSU is offering all sorts of musical options with anything from a Choral Concert, Horn, Trombone and Guitar Studio Recitals...whatever kind of music you like, chances are they'll have something for you.

The Liberty Theatre has a production underway called "Vengeance:  A Gospel Stage Play."  Hearing a lot of good buzz about this one and why not...anything with vengeance and gospel in the title has got to be interesting!

If you're in an artsy mood, check out all the happenings at the Columbus Museum with their "Let There Be Art" event.  They've got tons of stuff planned all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

And just the short drive up to La Grange to Hills & Dales Estate, you'll find an Ivy Topiary workshop taking place on Saturday, so you guys with the green thumbs will love hearing what these master gardeners have to share with you.  Sure wish I wasn't a plant-killer.

Whatever you do this weekend, stay safe, have fun and try and stay dry!

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And now for something completely different…

It's getting late in the afternoon and I have no doubt that in between meetings, classes, errands, kids and shopping, you've let your mind wander to its happy place for just a few minutes to think a bit about what you can do this weekend.  And that's ok.  Let me be the first to reassure you that you'll have plenty of opportunities for some real-life diversions...because sometimes you just need a break from the Monday-Friday routine.  I believe I may have found something to do just that.

Have you ever heard of or been to a drum circle?  If you have, chances are you've got it on your calendar already for Saturday night, but if you haven't, think about giving this out-of-the-ordinary gathering a try.  It all happens from 6:00-9:00pm in the 1100 block of Broadway, it's free, family-friendly and you don't even have to know anything about playing the drums.  No drum? No problem!  They'll have plenty to go around. No dancing ability? No problem!  They're just making it up anyway.  That's half the fun.  The featured artist for April is Jill Christensen, who will be creating some live art on the spot throughout the drum circle, and she'll have some of her own awesome art available for sale, and for just looking at!

I recently read an article that said participating in drum circles helps to improve your mood, enhances overall wellness, and helps you to relax.

You had me at "improving your mood and relaxing."  Guess I know what I'm doing Saturday night.

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You can tell Spring is in the air…and I don’t just mean the pollen!

After coming off a not-so-pleasant winter, I'll take the nuisance of a little bit of yellow flower dust any day of the week...besides, all this pollen will be out of here in a couple of weeks and leave behind a carpet of colorful flowers and trees heavy with bright green leaves.  This is the kind of weather that beckons you to go outside and play, find some fun stuff going on under the sun.  Looks like this weekend is shaping up to be just that with a plate-full of events that will have you clamoring to get out of the house and enjoy doing something a little different.

Kick the weekend off tonight (Mar 27) at FDR State Park in Pine Mountain with a cool twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt.  This one is called the "Night Eggstravaganza" and you guessed's a nighttime egg hunt, so make sure the kids bring their Easter baskets and a flashlight for this nocturnal hunt!  They'll also have a Petting Corrale, an Easter Hat Parade and Contest (you can decorate one before you get there or do it on site) and you can have your kids picture made with Roosevelt Bunny!  Just south of Columbus, there's a lot to choose from like the Sisters in Science event at Westville all day Saturday, or a guided Geology Hike at Providence Canyon State Park.  This is the perfect time of year to lace up your hiking boots and check out the sites in that series of canyons...beautiful!  Head north of town Saturday night to Callaway Gardens for their Singer-Songwriters Night.  They'll have four very different performers and what makes this night special is that each singer will give you the story behind the song and then, of course, play it for you.  You'll be under the stars at the ski pavilion on Robin Lake Beach so talk about the perfect spot for some acoustic music!

If you need to take a break from all that fresh air, don't forget about No Shame Theatre at the Springer Opera House or the more family-friendly performance...Showtime at The LibertyTheatre tonight, a show full of good, clean, fun with singing, dancing, comedy and more!

That's a lot of info so to make sure you get all the details on these and lots of other things going on, check out the Event Calendar and start planning your weekend!

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Categories: Arts, Events, History, History, on Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Fever Anyone?

Is there anything more torturous than sitting at your desk with a stack full of reports waiting to be handled yet you can see a sliver of blue sky through a distant window and you know what's about to happen.  Your thoughts begin to wander from the task at hand and you start thinking about what to plant in your garden, late afternoon cookouts, you even picture yourselr running through a field of slow motion.  Yep.  You have a bad case of it my friend.  Spring Fever has hit and none of us are immune.  And the good news, it's nothing that a good dose of springtime fun won't cure.

As luck would have it, Uptown Columbus just held their annual announcement of all the events they have scheduled for the season and my advice is to get some rest now because it's going to be non-stop fun this Spring!  Make sure you go on the Event Calendar or visit Uptown's calendar to get a good look at everything they're planning, like the Uptown Songwriter Series that will feature amazing songwriters from the southeast, the Big To Do Concert Series (it's the best way to unwind on a Friday night), Market Days on Broadway on Saturdays, RiverFest Weekend, the 3rd Annual Uptown Dragon Boat Race, the Columbus Comic Parade, Frogtown Hollow Jam, lots of runs, and something new and really off-the-wall--an event called Slide the City, which includes a 1000-foot slip and slide!  And that's just the beginnng.  But the really amazing thing about all of these events and all of this fun?  It won't cost you a dime to attend because it's all free.

It's going to be a great Spring.......goodbye Winter!

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Categories: Arts, Events, Good Eats!, River Fun, Shopping, on Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pets, Purses and a Party.  You had me at hello!

About this same time every year, Columbus Hospice puts on an event that, quite simply, is one of the things I look forward to most each year.  It's called "Purse Party for Pets" and no doubt, it's an incredibly fun way to spend part of your Saturday, but most importantly, it's to benefit the Pet Peace of Mind Program at Columbus Hospice. This program is all about providing vet care, grooming, and pet food to hospice patients’ pets at no charge to the patient and their family.  Let's face it, our pets become part of the family and they need to be taken care of as well...not to mention there's something to be said for the health benefits of having your favorite furry, four-legged friend around when you need them the most.

But now, back to this purse party.  If you've never been before, you are in for a treat!  Expect to see lots of handbags of all shapes, sizes, colors, designers, and price ranges during the live auction and several tables full of silent auction treasures--like the year I spotted and hovered over a small, robins egg-blue Chanel bag that now proudly sits in my closet and gets brought out on special occasions.  Then there're the purses I got from the bargain table for next to nothing and they look brand new!  Of course, when you go to a live auction, the items have to be displayed in some form and the organizers of this event came up with quite the clever idea to get all us ladies in the audience to pay attention and to bid...and bid....and bid!  They recruited several gentlemen from the community to "model" these pocketbooks...guys dressed as anything from a sharp-dressed corporate businessman, a surgeon in his scrubs complete with stethoscope, a hard hat-wearing construction worker, dashing men in uniform, and even a cowboy...giddyup!  Couple that with lots of great music and a champagne brunch with delicious goodies provided by Chef Jamie Keating.  It all gets underway at the RiverMill Event Centre on Saturday, March 14 at 11:00am.

Take your money, bring home a new purse, enjoy the show, and know that you are helping out a very valuable program at Columbus Hospice!  Let the bidding begin......

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Categories: Events, Shopping, on Friday, March 13, 2015

So what’ll it be this weekend?  Art, Music, Broadway Show, a 5K?  It’s all on tap in Columbus, GA!

You can tell Winter is slowly melting away and that Spring is on the horizon just by taking a look at all the events being organized as we speak.  There's a lot about to happen with the advent of this new season and even this weekend, you get a sense of what we have to look forward to by the number...and variety...of entertaining options to get out and enjoy.  Just in the past couple of weeks, I was able to begin shaking off the cobwebs of winter by attending the Russian Ballet at RiverCenter, getting swept away in the Broadway smash "The Producers" at the Springer Opera House, and was wiping away tears of giggle-fits brought on by comedian Kathleen Madigan.  The point is, we all need an escape from the Monday through Friday grind, and a little fun distraction on the weekend does a lot of good for the body and soul. 

And we're lucky enough to live in a city where you have choices, variety, and a lot of options to choose from.  Take a look at the Event Calendar to get all the details on things like the First Friday Artwalk in Uptown, the Ledger-Enquirer Home & Garden Show at the Trade Center, a Brass Band Concert at RiverCenter, or head outside for Ride on Bikes Time Change Party or the Open Door Community 5K at Woodruff Park in Uptown Columbus with Big Dog Running Company. And if you haven't had a chance to see "The Producers" at the Springer, get online NOW to order your tickets!  Got the chance to see it and it is a whole lot of fun with typical Mel Brooks humor.  Between the incredible singing, amazing costumes, sets that look like they came right off a Broadway stage, and some very impressive dance choreography, I think you'll be impressed as well!

Just remember, you have one less hour to squeeze all the fun in this weekend.  Daylight Saving Time is back so set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed Saturday night...or you're going to be really late for everything on Sunday!

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Categories: Arts, Events, Good Eats!, Shopping, on Friday, March 6, 2015

21 Days Until Spring…But Who’s Counting?  Me!

Hope is on the horizon.  What a difference a day or two makes...clear, blue skies and a sun beaming its love in our direction today.  And hopefully, with Spring only 21 days away (yes, I am counting), maybe Mother Nature is on an up-swing with her mood.  We probably haven't seen the last gloomy day of winter yet, but let's enjoy this weekend while we can.  If you've been cooped up far too long and are in desperate need of some fun to shake off the gray clouds in your head, check out the Event Calendar and start making some plans to do just that! 

Lots of stuff lined up to do this weekend and a really good variety to choose from.  If you're in the mood for sporty type stuff, check out the NFCA NAIA Leadoff Classic Softball Tournament at the South Commons Softball Complex--it'll be some of the best fastpitch softball you've ever seen, or for something completely different, head to the corner of 14th Street and Broadway Saturday morning for the VIP Bed Race--and if you're saying to yourself..."Bed Race?"  Yep, it's exactly what you're thinking!  Teams have come together to fashion the most creative beds and they'll be racing them in the street!  It's all to the benefit Valley Interfaith Promise--a great organization here in Columbus.  Or maybe pile the kids in the car and take the short trek to FDR State Park for their Dr. Seuss Read Across America and Costume Contest.  You'll hear lots of great stories, see some creative costume designs and it's really great that the admission charged for this is only two canned goods per person for the local food bank.

If you want to keep the fun indoors, you're in luck.  RiverCenter for the Performing Arts will play host to comedian Kathleen Madigan on Friday night, the Broadway classic Jekyll & Hyde Saturday evening, and the annual CSU Guitar Symposium going on all weekend long.  Or if you're in need of musical comedy, then the Springer Opera House may just be your ticket.  I'm hearing from lots of folks that this is one of the best productions the Springer has ever done...and that's high praise indeed! 

Don't worry about the weather...just enjoy the weekend!

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Categories: Arts, Events, Accommodations, on Friday, February 27, 2015

So What’s on Tap for Valentine’s Day?

Hopefully by now, you've gotten all the 'necessaries' for your sweetie for Valentine's Day.  Something chocolate.  A mushy card.  Maybe even reservations for a nice dinner.  Those are all great...especially the chocolate and more specifically, those little heart-shaped Snickers...I digress but that's what happens when chocolate enters the conversation, but how about making plans to do something special together.  Making a memory.  Going out for dinner is a wonderful idea, but how about making it a murder mystery dinner?  The folks with Sherlock's Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre have a brand new production going on at the Columbus Marriott and it's called "Sherlock's An Invitation to Murder" and if you've never been to a dinner like this, it's a hoot!  You might even be the one "who dunnit!"  You get a fabulous meal, a wonderul show during dinner and you'll be talking about this for many Valentine's to come. 

Or how about taking in a concert with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra?  Now, before you start with excuses like "I don't know anything about classical music" or "That kind of music just isn't my cup of tea...I'm more of a Country fan", then tomorrow night's event might be right up your alley!  This one is titled "Music City Hit Makers" and it truly can be defined as 'where country meets the symphony.'  It'll feature the artists who wrote the hit songs made famous by country artists like Lady Antebellum, Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Martina McBride, Kelly Clarkson, and many others.  So do something a little out of the norm and surprise your Valentine with tickets!

If you want to get outdoors and enjoy this short window of nice weather, take an adventure on the Blue Heron Zip Line this weekend because if you go in groups of two or more, your Valentine gets to zip for free!  (Just make sure you make reservations.)  Or put on your hiking shoes and take the short trip to Providence Canyon State Park for their guided Geology Hike on Saturday.  This is a great time of year to see the canyons so make sure to bring your camera and binoculars.

Cards, candy and cuddling are nice, but it's the adventures you share that make life together special!


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Categories: Arts, Events, River Fun, on Friday, February 13, 2015

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