Historic Westville Relocations Update—South Lumpkin Road Not Ready for Building Move

Apr 27, 2017

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Historic Westville Relocations Update--South Lumpkin Road Not Ready for Building Move




The sewer line repair will delay the first building move, but Westville is still on track to open in late 2018




Columbus, April 27, 2017 - Columbus Water Works (CWW) has been in communication with us regarding progress being made in the sewer line repair work taking place on the southern end of South Lumpkin Road.  Earlier this week they made us aware, despite moving at all deliberate speed, they would be unable to complete the section of the road

we need in timeto make a move on May 1st. CWW has proactively explored alternatives for providing access however the width of the buildings precludes a move from taking place until work progresses further to the south end of the road. 


This morning we received official notice from the Water Works that their earliest possible date for us to move the first building will be May 15th.  We certainly understand this is an estimate and commend them for the effort they have put in so far.  We will move the first building as soon as we can coordinate with all of the entities involved upon the Water

Works project completion.


Meanwhile, Westville is continuing to prepare the new site, provide building footings and foundations, and prepare the buildings in Lumpkin for transport.


Westville wants to emphasize how extremely pleased we are with the commitment and extraordinary efforts of everyone involved in helping us get to Columbus.  




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