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CSU’s Carson McCullers Center to Launch a Podcast on the Life and Legacy of Carson McCullers

Jun 17, 2020

For Immediate Release


Date: 16 June 2020
Release Date: Immediate
Contact: Nick Norwood
Columbus State University
Director, The Carson McCullers Center


CSU’s Carson McCullers Center to Launch a Podcast on the Life and Legacy of Carson McCullers

Columbus, GA--Columbus State University’s Carson McCullers Center for Writers and Musicians is pleased to announce that on Friday, June 19, it will launch the first episode of its podcast series on the life, work, and lasting influence of world-renowned twentieth-century American writer Carson McCullers.  The Carson McCullers Center’s Weekly We of Me, as the podcast is to be called, will be hosted by the Director of the Carson McCullers Center, Dr. Nick Norwood.

Of the decision to launch the Carson McCullers Center’s Weekly We of Me podcast, Dr. Norwood says in the inaugural episode of the series, “We see these podcasts as a new way to [fulfill the Carson McCullers Center’s mission] and to spread the word of Carson McCullers, a twentieth century writer whose works promoted tolerance, understanding, and sensitivity to other people. It’s also work that explored what McCullers herself referred to as social isolation and the desire on the part of all people to be understood, to feel themselves part of life, to discover, as she has her character Frankie Adams in The Member of the Wedding memorably put it, ‘the we of me.’” 


The first episode of the Carson McCullers Center’s Weekly We of Me will introduce the series and the ways in which Dr. Norwood plans to illuminate the life and enduring influence of McCullers.  The second and subsequent podcasts in the series will feature interviews, starting with the founding director of the McCullers Center, Dr. Carlos Dews, and including the likes of Academy Award-winning actress Rachel Weisz, Irish poet Martin Dyar, actress/director Karen Allen, and others.  The series will be available on Spotify and distributed on the Carson McCullers Center’s social media.


The Carson McCullers Center is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Carson McCullers; to nurturing writers and musicians; to educating young people; and to fostering literary, musical, artistic, and intellectual culture in the United States and abroad.


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