Columbus Film Summit Announced For August

Mar 12, 2018


March 9, 2018



Allie Kent

Director of Marketing and Audience Development

Springer Opera House

State Theatre of Georgia



Columbus Film Summit Announced For August


 Featuring Hollywood film executive Franklin Leonard!


COLUMBUS, GA.  Columbus’s prospects for attracting some of Georgia’s $9.5 billion film and television industry will get a major boost this summer with the creation of the first Columbus Film Summit in August.


Franklin Leonard, one of Hollywood’s most influential film executives, will be the keynote speaker for the summit.  Leonard is the founder of The Black List, the annual publication of the industry’s best unproduced screenplays. The innovative Black List has been credited with breaking up Hollywood’s cookie-cutter approach to filmmaking and making it possible for previously untold stories to be revealed by filmmakers.


Over 300 Black List screenplays have been made as feature films, earning over $26 billion in worldwide box office.  They have been nominated for 264 Academy Awards, and have won 48, including Best Pictures SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, THE KING'S SPEECH, ARGO and SPOTLIGHT. Ten of the last twenty screenwriting Oscars were Black List films.  Franklin Leonard is a graduate of Brookstone and Harvard University.


VisitColumbusGa is hosting the conference at the Springer Opera House on August 25, 2018 with the goal of propelling the region forward in this explosive new industry in the creative economy.  The summit is open to all citizens.


“Columbus is well on its way to staking its claim in Georgia’s growing film and television industry,” said Peter Bowden, president of VisitColumbusGa, which serves as the State of Georgia’s certified “Camera-Ready” agency here. 


“We have commercial production companies, indy filmmakers, screenwriters, film technicians, film students, a film festival, a film distributor, animators and film industry training courses in Columbus right now.  We also have a lot of people eager to learn how they or their companies might get involved.  We want to bring all of these people together to light the fuse of collaboration.”


Bowden points to Columbus’s success in attracting the Georgia Film Academy to the city three years ago as a catalyst for the community’s excitement about film. “GFA has been training up the next generation of Georgia’s film industry workforce and that helps us attract film projects to the city. The Georgia Film Academy was created by Governor Nathan Deal to expand the state’s film workforce and is housed at CSU’s Department of Communication.


“We also have a major animated feature film, Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero, produced by a local company, Fun Academy Motion Pictures,” said Bowden. “That film will be released nationwide next month. Fun Academy also has Georgia’s first and only film distributor.  Add to that local filmmaker Ty Manns’ recently-released feature film, A Question of Faith and Bo Bartlett’s Columbus-shot feature, Things Don’t Stay Fixed, and it’s easy to see we’ve got some serious traction in filmmaking here.  We want to amplify that with the Columbus Film Summit and look for new ways to create jobs, tourism and get more film produced in Columbus.”


Registration is $45 for the Columbus Film Summit and will include a light breakfast and lunch.