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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Christmas Light Tour Guide 2019

“But I also say this: that light is an invitation to happiness” - Mary Oliver

We couldn’t think of a better quote to kick off the journey we’re inviting you on! With a playlist and Google Maps route, we’ve made it easy for you and your loved ones to enjoy the best and brightest Christmas displays Columbus, Georgia has to offer. We’ve limited our list to 10 festive homes so that the route is doable in one night in about 1 hour (depending on how long you linger!). The lights are all there like the perfect invitation to Christmas cheer; all they need is you.



1000 Broadway
First up on our list we bring you Uptown Columbus. Get in the spirit with charming Christmas decor and an impressive row of Christmas trees decorated by various local companies and organizations. It’s the perfect start to our light tour because Fountain City and Iron Bank make excellent local stops for hot chocolate and baked goodies.

2854 Lynda Lane
What could be cuter than a school bus decked out in colored lights?! Not much. This is by far the most unique property on our list. It’s also very close to the next house on the list.

2715 Lynda Lane
Lights, blowups, this house has it all! Any despicable me fans along for the ride? They’ll get a kick out of the larger than life minions and colors galore.

2626 Habersham Avenue
Here we have another light display set to music! Tune in to 94.3 and enjoy watching elves toss presents over your car as well as Santa himself perched on the chimney.

3629 Dunhill Drive
Every square inch of this property is covered in lights and Christmas decor. It’s a complete showstopper you won’t want to miss. If you happen to be invited to go inside, definitely do not refuse. The people are friendly, and their inside display is just as impressive.

4500 Forrest Road
This house is all about the larger than life blow ups! It doesn’t need lights to make a festive impact due to the impressive array. 

5784 Ironstone Drive
Many of you are probably familiar with the “Ludy House,” and for good reason! The display extends into three yards and features over 100,000 lights all set to music and animation. Simply tune into 90.1 and enjoy the show. You’ll want to stay and watch a little while to take in the many details including a leaping frog!

6513 Clearwater Drive
Roll down your window at this lovely stop to take in all the Christmas lights and listen to their festive music.

6023 Morningside Drive
Candy Canes, shooting stars and Christmas trees all set to music! Turn your radio to 88.9 and linger a while to enjoy the show.

5753 Springhill Avenue
This stop is more like a Christmas village than a single house, making it the perfect grand finale to our journey. The amount of lights in this little area is pretty impressive. Light displays are especially colorful and packed with fun details that will make you want to slow your speed for a lap or two around the block to enjoy the views.


In collaboration with The Columbusite
Written by: Carrie Beth Wallace

Categories: Family-friendly, Itineraries, Trip Ideas

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