Young People Performing Fearlessly at DIY Theatre at Springer Opera House

May 12, 2015



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Young People Performing Fearlessly at DIY Theatre at Springer Opera House


Columbus, GA--5.12.2015:  Imagine a place where kids have the opportunity to perform original material in a safe environment with a supportive audience.

That’s what DIY (Do It Yourself) Theatre is. DIY Theatre is a program sponsored by the Springer Theatre for Young People that was launched in November 2013.  "I wanted to give the kids in our community a creative outlet and an opportunity to express themselves,” said director Casey Hopkins.

The next DIY Theatre is 7:30-9 p.m. this Friday in the McClure Theatre, the Springer’s second stage on 1st Avenue right behind the main theatre, which is affectionately known as (AKA) The Dot.  You can always tell where DIY Theatre is happening at the Springer because a huge teddy bear named Lil’ Ronnie (in honor of Springer Theatre Academy founder Ron Anderson) will be out front.

DIY Theatre is modeled after No Shame Theatre – a weekly showcase of short original works (sketch, improv, music, dance, comedy and everything in between) for adults 18 and up. The first 15 acts to sign-up get a 5-minute performance slot.

The rules are simple:
• Performances must be original.
• Performances must be 5 minutes or less.
• Performers can’t break anything.

The same rules apply to DIY Theatre except the performers must be between the ages of 12 and 17. The only exception is high school seniors who have turned 18. And the content must be family friendly. It costs $5 whether you’re performing or not.
“We’ve had a wide range of performances. We’ve seen sketch, stand-up (both improvised and scripted), dancing (ballet, tap, lyrical and point), music, songs, improv, slam poetry and last month a choreographed light saber fight. You can always expect a variety,” said Hopkins. “The performances are not only eclectic but incredibly entertaining. Our performers aren’t just kids being cute.”

The audiences are also unique in being incredibly accepting and encouraging.  “DIY Theatre gives me the chance to completely let go of being afraid of failure and to try things I never would attempt without an opportunity like DIY,” said Bennett Walker, a student at Columbus High. “Whatever I do might not be the most funny or the best, but it’s supported and enjoyed, and for that I am thankful.”

For more information call the Springer Theatre Academy at 706-324-1100.


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