Columbus’ Soft Drink Heritage Trail Historic Marker Dedication

Jun 2, 2016

May 23, 2016

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Columbus’ Soft Drink Heritage Trail

Historic Marker Dedication


Historic Columbus would like to invite the public and the media to join us for a historic marker dedication for the Columbus Soft Drink Heritage Trail.  The dedication will be held on Friday, June 3 at 11:00am at W.C. Bradley Co. (1017 Front Avenue). 


The program will include remarks from the W.C. Bradley Co., as well as the history of soft drinks in Columbus.  Research for the markers was generously provided by local historian, Dr.  John S. Lupold.  The markers also include new photos and allow for access to more information on each site through QR codes. The program will end with theunveiling of the W.C. Bradley and Coca-Cola Marker.


W.C. Bradley and Coca-Cola (1017 Front Avenue)

W.C. Bradley was a Columbus cotton merchant, industrialist, banker, and the city’s leading entrepreneur.  He also became a leader within a syndicate formed by Ernest Woodruff to purchase Coca-Cola from the Candlers in 1919. This group organized a new Coca-Cola Corporation and issued the first public Coke stock.  Bradley bought a large number of shares but more important, he actively sold shares to local and out-of-state friends and fellow bankers. Bradley became Chairman of the Coca-Cola Board in 1919 and served for 27 years. 


The full list of 7 historic markers that are located throughout downtown that celebrate Columbus’ soft drink history:

·      Pemberton’s Cottage- 11 7th Street

·      Pemberton’s Drug Stores- middle of west side of 1100 block of Broadway (to be installed)

·      Pemberton’s Chemical House- NE corner of 10th Street and Broadway

·      NEHI and Royal Crown Cola- 19 10th Street

·      Ernest and Robert Woodruff- 1420 Second Avenue

·      W.C. Bradley and Coca-Cola - 1017 Front Avenue

·      Pemberton and the Confederacy - GA side of the 14th Street Pedestrian Bridge (to be installed)


If you would like any additional information, please contact Callie Hecht, Director of Cultural Outreach, at (706)322-0756 or

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