Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the telephone number to the Civic Center?
  2. What is the telephone number to the Trade Center?
  3. Does Columbus have an airport?
    Yes, Interstate 185, Exit 8
  4. Which hotel is closest to Fort Benning?
    The Econo Lodge — tel. no. 800.533.2666 or 706.682.3803 or The Suburban Extended Stay — tel. no. 706.687.7515
  5. How far is it to Columbus from Atlanta?
    About 90 minutes
  6. I’m bringing children — what is there to do?
    Hollywood Connection, Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center, Coca-Cola Space Science Center, Callaway Gardens, Zoo City, Wild Animal Safari Park, the Chattahoochee RiverWalk (bring your roller skates, bike, or just plan to picnic), and the Columbus Museum to mention just a few things. Columbus has 64 state and city parks covering 1800 acres — and this includes golf and marinas.
  7. How many inches of rain does Columbus have per year?
    51 inches.
  8. How far is it to Columbus from Fort Benning?
    Columbus and Fort Benning are next door neighbors — so you’re just minutes from any point in Columbus to the Main Gate. But if you start from the Uptown area, you’re approximately 6-miles to the Main Gate.
  9. How is the Civic Center listed in the phone book?
    Look under the heading Columbus Consolidated Government, Parks & Recreation, Columbus Civic Center.
  10. What interesting places do you have in the Columbus area?
    Historic District, Chattahoochee RiverWalk, Coca-Cola Space Science Center, National Infantry Museum, Springer Opera House, Black Heritage Tour, Andersonville, Westville, Little Grand Canyon, Warm Springs Village, Little White House, Callaway Gardens, National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus, Pine Mountain Wild Animal Park, Columbus GA Convention & Trade Center, golf courses, city and state parks, Columbus Civic Center (for ice skating at certain times of the year as well as special events), RiverCenter for the Performing Arts, and South Commons…to mention just a few. Check out our Event Calendar for attraction information and event times.
  11. Can you give me the telephone numbers for Taxis?
    • Radio Cab - 706.322.5411
    • Airborne Taxi Co - 706.689.1566
    • American Cab Co - 706.687.6355
    • Ashley’s Cab Co - 706.682.9047
    • Benning Taxi Co - 706.322.5413
    • Bi-City Taxi Co - 706.682.2300
    • City Cab Company - 706.653.8294
    • Columbus Cab Co - 706.689.1050
    • Community Cab Co - 706.324.6277
    • Co-Op Taxi - 706.322.6118
    • Post Taxi Service - 706.653.1775
    • Yellow Cab of Columbus - 706.322.1616
  12. Why aren’t there more signs to the Visitors Bureau?

    Money has been allocated to the City of Columbus and more signs will be placed. In the meantime, check out our mapping link on this web site — simply type in your point-of-origin and your point-of-destination. If you don’t know the address here in Columbus, feel free to use our office street address — 900 Front Avenue, Columbus, GA 31901.

  13. Where are you located?

    900 Front Avenue, on the corner of 9th Street & Front Avenue

  14. What is the telephone number of the Chamber of Commerce?


  15. Where can I get Georgia Peaches?

    Market Days on Broadway, located on the west side of the 1000 block of Broadway. Market Days starts May 2 and continues through the growing season, every Saturday from 9 AM to Noon.

  16. What is the telephone number of the Georgia Welcome Center?


  17. Do you have a map you can send me?

    This site contains a map that can be downloaded at no charge.

  18. What is the closest restaurant to the Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau?

    • Houlihan’s — Corner of 9th Street and Broadway, 706.653.1902.
    • Minnie’s — 8th Street, 706.322.2766
  19. What’s the weather like in Columbus?

    Expect 70 to 80 degrees in the Spring, 90 degrees and hotter in Summer, 50 to 70 degrees in Autumn (bring along a lightweight jacket for evenings) and 30 to 70 degrees in Winter (can be cold in the evenings with frost; daytime may require a coat).

  20. Are there many hotels in Columbus?

    42 hotels and 1 Bed & Breakfast — with a 4,600 room inventory to choose from.

  21. What hotel is the nicest?

    That’s a tough one. All of our hotels are nice. Perhaps you can better make your selection based on need, amenities, and price. Check out our Accommodations section in the web site.

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