Riverside Theatre Complex

January 30, 2014 7:30PM to 9:30PM every day until February 1, 2014

When Callie promises to cat-sit for Sara, a friend of a friend who is new in town, she doesn't expect them to have much in common. They do hit it off though, and through the weeks that follow, the two friends find themselves falling in love. As they begin to acknowledge their feelings for each other, a brutal act of violence stops them short and rips their world apart. Stop Kiss offers a heartbreaking, tenderly comic, sometimes vicious reflection on the pain that can come from trying to be who we truly are.

More Information on Website: www.columbusstate.edu/theatre

Category: 18 & Over,21 and Over ,Adult,Gay & Lesbian,Romantic,Seniors,Singles,Nightlife,Performing Arts,Theater

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